How to make your own VIP Passes

How to make your own VIP Passes for any event or party!

Making your own VIP Passes is fast and easy with our many templates to choose from. Each Template can be quickly edited to change the text, font, colors and photos. You can then download the artwork or click to order!

Three Quick and Easy ways to make your own VIP Passes look professional

1) Free Templates!

The fastest and easiest way to creating a professional looking VIP Pass is to select one of our numerous Free Templates.

Once you select a Template you can then change the text, the background or colors and even change or add your own photos.
2) Free Design Tool!

Designing your personalized VIP Pass is easy to do with our Free Online Design Tool.

Just select Styrene .30 (Plastic ID and VIP Passes) as the product, select the size you need (7" x 4" or something similar), select your background color and then start adding text and photos.

Our Design Tool comes with thousands of FREE Stock images for you to use!
3) Upload Your Own Print Ready Artwork file!

If you already have your artwork ready, we make it easy for you to upload your artwork file directly to our printers!

What kind of material should I use for my VIP Passes?

If you're going to make a VIP Passes that won't wrinkle, rip, tear or run, you want to use our .30 Styrene. It is a plastic, slightly flexible material that will last and be saved as someones treasured momento or souvenir. The full color ink is UV protected to last. Our Protected Coating is always recommended.

What size VIP Pass should I order?

VIP Passes can come in any size or shape that you want! We offer Special Cuts for any shape you desire!

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