7 'Top Dog' Birthday Party Ideas for Your Best Friend!

7 'Top Dog' Birthday Party Ideas for Your Best Friend!

Whether you've had your puppy since they were little or you just adopted your doggy recently, you probably want to celebrate their birthday or adoption day. Dogs like routine but they also know when something special is going on. And they love to be the center of attention. So, what are some ideas for a successful birthday party?
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1) Start planning the day ahead of time! Make sure you have plenty of time to get things ready for the party. You want to select the location, whether that's your house, the local dog park, a family's backyard, etc. And you want to check with family and friends to see if the date is convenient for them as well.

Make sure to send out the invitations in advance!
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2) Make sure you order plenty of dog treats ahead of time. These days bakers can make tasty cupcakes and cakes that are healthy for dogs.

You also want to make sure you have treat bags for both your doggy guests and your human guests.
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3) You want to make sure you have a place set up for photo opportunities. It's a good idea to order a backdrop and floor drop to take photos of your pup eating it's cake. It not only makes a great photo, but it will help keep the mess on the backdrop, which is washable.

A good size for a backdrop and a floor drop is probably going to be 4' x 4' each.
dog cut out
4) Make some foam board cut-outs of your pup and your pup's guests. Guests will not only love seeing their dogs cardboard cut outs, but they will be happy to know that they get to take them home!

You can have the designs cut out of foam board, gatorboard, Corplast and even PVC.
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5) Game Time! Have at least 10 games that you can pick from if one of the games doesn't seem too popular with the dogs. You can use balls, tug toys, kiddie pools and so much more.
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6) Group Photo Time! Keep an eye out for any opportunites to take a group photo. By the end of the party the dogs may be too tired or even grumpy to get together so look for opportunities throughtout the party to catch them together and snap some photos.
thank you card
7) Thank you Cards! You'll want to get the 'thank you' cards out right away. Have someone you know keep a list of any gifts that were given or any contributions made to the party. Then get to work thanking the people who attending.

Have fun!

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