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Custom Printed Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are one of the most economical forms of advertising! Weatherproof, long lasting, full color and hems and grommets are free! Select one of our Templates, create a design from scratch using our Design Tool or upload your 'print ready' artwork! Read More

  • 13 oz
  • Corners Only $0.00
  • Every 2 Feet $0.00
  • All Four Sides $0.00
  • 3" All Sides $4.54
  • 3" Left and Right $1.67
  • 3" Top and Bottom $1.67
  • 3" Top Only $1.67

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*if you have artwork ready and know how to upload, just complete your purchase and go right to the upload link!
hanging vinyl birthday banner

Vinyl Banners are one of the most economical forms of advertising.

Vinyl Banners are popular because they are versatile, come in any size and have a low price per square foot. A vinyl banner is a 13 ounce vinyl scrim material. It can be printed on in full color and is weatherproof.

How do I create a custom outdoor banner?

There are a few ways to create a custom banner. You can design your own with software and upload it to the printers. You can use an online design tool to create your artwork and add it to your cart. Or you can have a Graphic Designer design it for you.

What are custom banner finishing options?
Finishing options for your vinyl banner are things like hems, grommets and pole pockets. Hems are created when the edges of the banner are folded over itself and heat sealed, creating a new edge that is more durable. Grommets are used for hanging your banner. They are round pieces of metal with a circular area cut out of the middle in order to slip a rope, string, bungy cord or any other method used to hang your banner. Pole Pockets are when the upper edge of the banner is folder over itself but still leaves a gab big enough to slide a pole (usually a backdrop stand or PVC) through the hole in order to hang the banner or backdrop.

The banner below on the left has hems and grommets. The banner below on the right has a pole pocket.
vinyl banner grommets
vinyl banner pole pockets
What size banner should I order?
Depending on what you are using your Custom Vinyl Banner for, we have unlimited size choices! Print Signs Quick can cut your vinyl banner to any size! So, what is the best vinyl banner size to order? That depends on what your needs are! Keep reading below and then look at the visual chart to get a better idea.
What size backdrop should I order for a cake smash?
Cake smash photo shoots are usually done on a baby's first birthday but also can be done no matter how old the child is. If you have a one year old a good size vinyl banner or backdrop to start with would be at least 36" tall. The baby is usually sitting on the floor (or a 'floordrop'), but they might want to stand up and you don't want to miss that perfect shot! So I would recommened a 48"x 48" backdrop or vinyl banner if your baby tends to wander. And a 48"x 48" for a floordrop, usually a wood print looks great!
What size banner should I print for a party?

Banners and backdrops are popular at any kind of party. But what size should you have printed? It just depends on what you are using it for. Mug Shot banners or backdrops are popular at parties! How many people do you want in front of the mug shot at one time? One? Two? A group? If you want each person taking individual photos, your backdrop can be 36"x 36" backdrop to make sure that person fits in comfortably, especially if they are holding props. For two or three people, a 48"x48" banner or backdrop would be perfect. For a group of people you should get at least a 72"x 48" or bigger banner.

How big is an outdoor banner?

It's sometimes difficult to figure out how big a banner will look like next to a person unless you see an actual picture of it. We have a blog post that has examples of what size banner you might need depending on the size of the person or group. Below is a quick look at what banner sizes look like next to a six foot tall person. Visit our blog for more!
vinyl banner sizes
vinyl banner measurements sizes

How long do outdoor banners last?

Outdoor vinyl banners are made to last years in typical outdoor conditions. Typical outdoor conditions are rainy, sunny and windy days. Conditions that are not very typical are hurricanes, tornados, persistant large size hail, fires and excessive, steady winds that can cause wear and tear over time. If you live in a high wind area, we have Mesh Banners that are made of a breathable mesh material and are perfect for those windy areas.

How do I take care of my banner?

Vinyl banners need minimal upkeep under normal circumstances. Our vinyl material can be washed with a mild soap (blue dawn is always a favorite) and warm water to keep the buildup of dust or dirt to a minimum. After washing you can hang your banners back up to dry or lay them flat. If your banner gets any wrinkles in it (maybe you folded it instead of rolled it), use this handy tip. Just lay your banner flat and set an iron on low heat and you can smooth out the wrinkles. You can also use a steamer on low heat to smooth out the wrinkles. The key is to use VERY LOW HEAT!

How do I store my banner?

Vinyl banners are flexible and easy to store. Simply roll up the vinyl banner and store in the shipping tube it might have been delivered in. If your banner is 3' x 5', just stretch out your banner and start rolling it from the 3' end so that your rolled banner is shorter than if you rolled it from the 5' end. If you have to fold your banner for any reason, you may noticed some wrinkling in the vinyl. This is not a problem. Just lay your banner flat and set an iron on low heat and you can smooth out the wrinkles. You can also use a steamer on low heat to smooth out the wrinkles. The key is to use VERY LOW HEAT!

What can I use a banner for?

Vinyl banners are one of the most economical ways to advertise. Just drive down any busy street with store front businesses and you are sure to see plenty of outdoor vinyl banners that catch your eye. Many restaurants and night spots use vinyl banners. Real estate agents and Realtors love to use outdoor vinyl banners to catch their buyers eye. Vinyl banners are great for advertising a Garage Sale or Yard Sale. And they are very popular to share a Welcome Home message or Congratulations! One of our most popular banners is our Graduation banners. We also sell a lot of Sports Banners, mostly for Little League teams.

Where can I buy an inexpensive banner?

Most people go right to a search engine and type in banner printing near me or banner store near me and then click on the first result that pops up. Unfortunately the first result is probably a paid result and it doesn't mean that you found the best, you just found the company willing to pay the most to be at the top of the list. When looking for banner printing, find a company that offers vinyl banners that include Full Color printing, Hems and Grommets for FREE! A free online Design Tool to help you design your own banner from scratch is helpful. Compare our prices!

Can I order a double-sided banner?

Yes! And we have the perfect product for your double-sided banner! It's our thick 18oz vinyl banner material.

How do I make a custom backdrop?

Backdrops are made of vinyl material with your custom image or design printed on it. Some people prefer to print a scene or texture on their backdrops. Printing an image of a wall or floor is also very common. If you are a seasoned Photographer or just starting out, we can print any size backdrop with your custom image on it! Our vinyl backdrops are durable enough for constant use and easy to store away.
Our vinyl banners come with a nice texture which helps them to weather storms and take heavy duty use. If you are doing close up photography, take a look at our 'So Flat' 9 ounce matte banner material.

Below left is a close up of our 13 ounce vinyl banner and below right is our 9 ounce 'So Flat'.
13oz vinyl banner
smooth vinyl banner

Vinyl banners are a versatile and effective advertising tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways you can use a vinyl banner:

  1. Outdoor advertising: Vinyl banners are perfect for outdoor advertising as they are weather-resistant and can withstand wind, rain, and other environmental conditions. They can be hung on buildings, fences, and other structures to attract attention to your business or event.

  2. Trade shows and events: Vinyl banners are a great way to promote your business or event at trade shows and events. They can be hung on booth walls, draped over tables, or used as a backdrop to showcase your products and services.

  3. Retail displays: Vinyl banners can be used in retail environments to promote sales, discounts, and other promotions. They can be hung in-store or in front of your business to attract customers and increase foot traffic.

  4. Festivals and fairs: Vinyl banners are ideal for festivals and fairs as they can be hung on tents, stages, or other structures to promote your business or event.

  5. Sports events: Vinyl banners are commonly used at sports events to promote sponsors, advertise upcoming games, and showcase team logos and colors.

  6. Political campaigns: Vinyl banners are commonly used in political campaigns to promote candidates, highlight campaign issues, and showcase slogans and logos.

  7. Construction sites: Vinyl banners can be used on construction sites to promote the project and provide information about the construction company.

  8. Graduations and ceremonies: Vinyl banners are often used at graduations and ceremonies to showcase the school or organization's logo and colors, as well as provide important event information.

  9. Non-profit organizations: Vinyl banners are often used by non-profit organizations to promote fundraising events, rallies, and awareness campaigns.

  10. Birthday parties and celebrations: Vinyl banners can be used at birthday parties and celebrations to showcase the guest of honor's name and age, as well as provide decoration and atmosphere for the event.

Overall, vinyl banners are a versatile advertising tool that can be used in a variety of settings and for a range of purposes.

double sided vinyl banners

We LOVE our return customers!

hanging vinyl banners
new hanging vinyl banners

Q: What events and occasions are custom vinyl banners suitable for?

A: Custom vinyl banners are ideal for various events and occasions, including store openings, trade shows, product launches, promotional campaigns, community gatherings, sports events, festivals, concerts, fundraisers, birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries.

Q: Can vinyl banners be used for outdoor events?

A: Yes, vinyl banners are designed to be weather-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. They can withstand sunlight, rain, and wind, ensuring your message remains visible and intact.

Q: Are custom vinyl banners suitable for trade shows and conferences?

A: Absolutely! Custom vinyl banners are an excellent choice for trade shows and conferences, as they can effectively communicate your brand message, promote products or services, and make your booth stand out from the competition.

Q: Can I use a custom vinyl banner for a sports event?

A: Yes, custom vinyl banners are perfect for sports events. They can be used to showcase team logos, display schedules, promote sponsors, or celebrate achievements and milestones.

Q: Are vinyl banners appropriate for personal events like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries?

A: Custom vinyl banners are a popular choice for personal events, as they can be personalized with unique designs, images, and text to commemorate special occasions or celebrate milestones.

Q: What sizes are available for custom vinyl banners?

A: Custom vinyl banners come in a wide range of sizes to suit various events and spaces. You can choose from standard sizes or request a custom size to fit your specific needs.

Q: Can I use my own design for a custom vinyl banner?

A: Yes, you can upload your own design, images, and text to create a truly unique and personalized vinyl banner for your event or occasion.

Q: What is the turnaround time for custom vinyl banner orders?

A: Turnaround times for custom vinyl banner orders can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the order. However, many printing companies offer expedited production and shipping options to ensure timely delivery for your event.

Q: How do I care for and maintain my custom vinyl banner?

A: To care for your custom vinyl banner, clean it with a mild soap and water solution and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the banner. When storing, roll the banner with the printed side facing out and keep it in a cool, dry place to prevent creasing or damage.

Q: Can I reuse my custom vinyl banner for multiple events?

A: Yes, custom vinyl banners are designed to be durable and long-lasting, allowing you to reuse them for multiple events. Just be sure to store and maintain them properly to keep them looking their best.

Vinyl banners are large, durable, and customizable signs made from vinyl material. They are commonly used for advertising or promoting a business, event, or product. Vinyl banners are weather-resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Vinyl banners are printed with high-quality graphics and text, which can be designed to suit any occasion or purpose. They can be hung using grommets, ropes, or poles, making them easy to install and display in a variety of settings. Vinyl banners are also easy to store and transport, as they can be rolled up and stored in a compact space.

Whether you're promoting a grand opening, announcing a sale, or advertising a special event, vinyl banners are an effective way to capture attention and get your message across. With their versatility, durability, and customizable design options, vinyl banners are a popular choice for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to make a big impact.

Free Design Tool
*Start here* if you don't have 'print ready artwork' that's ready to upload.

Create your product Artwork before placing your order using our free design tool!

Click on the 'Free Design Tool' link and select your product from the drop down list. You'll be directed to our Design Tool page where you can start designing your own artwork. Upload your own photos or select any of our free stock photos. Add text, clip art, layers, change colors, fonts, size, finishing options and so much more! 


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I would order from Print Signs Quick again!

Amazing customer service! I left a question in the website chat box and received an answer within 5 minutes. My order was shipped quickly and arrived before the expected delivery date. I would order from Print Signs Quick again!

I Absolutely LOVE My New decals!

I absolutely LOVE my new decals! Someone posted in our "Hiking with Dogs" Facebook group about the great decals this seller was producing and so many of us jumped on the band wagon that I think we overwhelmed her a little bit. She came through for us all and everyone that posted what decal they got in our group didn't have anything but praise and excitement at what they received. A+ Seller and Awesome product. Don't see exactly what you want? Send a note and the seller will send you examples of what you might be looking for. Again, cannot say enough about how happy I am with my purchase.


Excellent!!! So impressed with the communication this seller provided, the final product looks amazing! Love the banner!!

Super customer service and perfect floor drop!

Super customer service and perfect floor drop!
Makes all of my products look great when photographed!

Shipped on time

Shipped on time. Slightly heavier vinyl than I expected so that's awesome

Excellent customer service!

Excellent customer service, quick shipping, exactly as I desired. This was a fabulous addition to my shop, and has greatly improved my photos. A ginormous thank you for what you do!

Backdrop, artwork and customer service were excellent!

Backdrop, artwork and customer service were excellent... unfortunately UPS damaged the item during the deliver process to Canada. Seller handled the situation very well.

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Frequently asked Questions

What are vinyl banners made of?

Vinyl banners are made of a premium 13 ounce matte vinyl material.

Where can I order vinyl banners?

Vinyl Banners can be ordered online at www.PrintSignsQuick.com

How do I create a vinyl banner?

Vinyl Banners can be created on our website using our free Design Tool. We have free stock images and templates to get you started.

Where can I buy a vinyl banner quick?

You can buy a custom vinyl banner at Print Signs Quick 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your order will go directly to our printers to be printed and shipped.

Where can I find a vinyl banner near me?

Print Signs Quick is located online and is as close as your iphone, laptop, tablet or computer. We have customer service ready to answer your call, chat or email.

Where is my vinyl made and shipped from?

All of our products are made and shipped from our production warehouse located in Southern California.

Can you hang my banner for me?

Because most of our orders are placed on our website online we have customers from all over the world. We love the support from our local clients, but at this time we have not branched out into installations.

What is the largest banner I can order?

Any Size! How can we print any size? For banners that are larger that 196” we actually seam them together. The only issue you might have with a huge banner is transporting and installing it. We can ship via freight from our end, but you will have to make arrangements for the installation on your end.

Are backdrops made from vinyl banners?

Yes, most backdrops are made of vinyl banners and printed with no hems. They are usually ordered with top pole pockets or the customer might have plans to attach them to a backdrop stand with clamps.

What can I print on my vinyl banner?

Almost anything you want. Because the customer uploads their artwork directly to our printers, we are not responsible for the quality or content of that artwork.

Can you make sports pennants?

Yes, we can cut triangle shapes out of vinyl banners and print on them in full color.

What is the craziest vinyl banner you’ve ever seen?

Unfortunately, we can’t share that information :-P

How do I make a Congratulations vinyl banner?

The easiest is to start with one of our vinyl banner templates on our website and then edit any text, colors or images.

What size Birthday banner should I order?

Two of our most popular sizes for birthday banners are 36” x 60” and 48” x 60”

Can I do a cake smash on a vinyl banner?

Yes! You can order your vinyl banner without hems, in the size you need. You can provide the background and custom message, or you can choose from thousands of our stock images for a background, or you can start with one of our many templates. Our vinyl banners are waterproof and any cake can quickly be cleaned off with warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. If you want to find out what size custom banner or backdrop to order for your cake smash, visit our blog post about vinyl banner sizes!

How do I contact you about an order?

Can you make a pole banner?

Yes! Pole banners are made from vinyl banners and usually come with a top and bottom pole pocket to slide onto the poles. Pole banners are popular for advertising events or memorializing fallen Military members. Pole banners can be printed as double sided banners. Pole banners can come in any size. 

What is the difference between mesh banners and vinyl banners?

Mesh Banners are made of a breathable mesh material. They are perfect for windy days where the wind will flow right through the banner. Mesh banners work well when reinforced with FREE hems and grommets. 

What kind of banners stands do you have?

Vinyl banners can be used with retractable and X banner stands. There are two popular types of retractable banners you can choose from; Economy Retractable banners and Premium Retractable banners. Custom vinyl banners look amazing on any banner stand, especially at trade shows. Retail stores love to set up banner stands inside their stores since they can move them around often. 

How can I make a mug shot backdrop?

Mug shot backdrops are easy to make with vinyl banners. Just click on one of our many mug shot templates to get started. Once your mug shot is printed, just hang it on a wall with some double-sided tape and get read to take lots of photos!

What is vinyl banner printing?

Vinyl banner printing is when large printers print on premium matte vinyl material. Grand format printers can print in full color on any size vinyl banner you need. Banner printing is done quickly no matter how small or how big your banner is. Then free hems are folded into the vinyl banner and grommets are applied to the banner to re-enforce it. 

What is your most popular product?

Aluminum Signs would be one of our most popular products we sell. Metal prints are becoming what canvas prints used to be in the home. People used to print all of their portraits on canvas and give as gifts. Today, more people are gravitating to the long lasting, edgy looking metal aluminum and dibond choices. We can print on these products in full vivid color. Not only can we print high resolution photographs, we can print original artwork as well. Aluminum signs are our most popular parking lot signs. No Parking, Restricted Parking Hours, Handicapped Parking Only signs are just a few of the many outdoor parking lot signs we print. 

Will my banner hold up in windy areas?

Vinyl Banners are great for everyday outside use with occasional windows but if your area has high winds or consistent winds, a mesh banner is the perfect banner for you! Mesh Banners are made of a durable mesh material that has holes that let the windy glide on through the banner. The holes are small enough that it doesn't detract from the full color vivid image, photo or message printed on your banner. On a vinyl banner the hems and grommets doing a pretty good job of reinforcing the banner on windy days. But with a mesh banner the mesh material takes away the constant strain high winds can put on any banner, allowing the banner to last much longer. Both banners can be used outdoors in almost any weather, but if you already know your area is subject to constant winds, choose our mesh banner!

What material is used for real estate signs?

Real Estate signs are most often used outside in all weather conditions, so it's important to select a material that will last. Our Corrugated Plastic (Corplast) yard signs are a great choice for real estate signs! The Corplast signs come in three thickness choices: 4mil, 6mil (our most common) and a heavy duty 10mil. If you need a small real estate sign like a 8"x 10" or 12"x 12" to prop up in a window, the 4mil choice works well. If you are looking for an 18"x 24" to hang on a post or prop up with an H Frame stand, our 6mil is perfect for this! If you really want to make a statement and go big, you can showcase your 24"x 36" For Sale sign on our 10mil Corplast material. All signs are printed with UV coated inks in full vivid color and are meant to last!

How fast can you ship a sign?

If you need a sign shipped fast, we have expedited options to make that happen. When placing your order you will be able to see the delivery date. If you'd like it faster make sure you change the Production time to Same Day (5:59am PST deadline)Next Day (6:59am PST deadline) or Standard (7:59am PST deadline). You can view the updated delivery date each time you make a change. If you still need it faster, change the Shipping options to Overnight or 2nd Day. The most important thing to remember is to APPROVE your artwork BEFORE the deadline or it will delay your order by a full day. 

Can you customize any product?

Yes! We can custom print any product with full color printing in any size. Most products have additional Finishing Options so that you can customize even more with grommets, special cuts and shapes and so much more! Customize any product in full color with your own design or one of ours. Need help selecting a product? Just let us know!

Can you dropship to my clients?

Yes, we are a wholesale printer that can dropship your custom order directly to your clients, with your return shipping address. We have quality products, expedited options and we always ship on time!  Are you a reseller? Email a copy of your resell certificate and we will set up your account with the discount. 

What kind of decals do you have?

At Print Signs Quick we have quite a few decals and stickers to choose from. Do you need a window sticker? We have white (or full color) backgrounds as well as transparent backgrounds. We have very sticky, normal sticky and removable stickers. We even have static window clings

What type of material are banners made of?

Vinyl banners are made of a 13 ounce vinyl scrim material. The vinyl scrim can withstand harsh conditions and last for years.

What type of banner is good in constant winds?

Vinyl Banners are great in typical outdoor conditions, especially if those harsh conditions are temporary. But if you are in an area with constant adverse winds, a mesh banner is going to be your best choice. Mesh banners are made of a breathable mesh material that allows the wind to flow through the banner, which lessons the strain on the banner.

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