Print Signs Quick

Step by Step Artwork Designer Tutorial

(HUGE TIP: If you are on your phone, turn your phone sideways, landscape orientation, in order to use the Design Tool)

If you don't have 'Print Ready' artwork ready to upload and you need to design your own, start here! Below is a quick tutorial on using our Design Tool. When you are ready to Design your own artwork, click on the Design Tool at the top of our webpage, or you can find it on any product page (see Step 1 below).

Step 1:

Step One - There are a few ways to get to our Design Tool. One is by clicking on a product, entering the dimensions and finishing options and then click on Create Design (text in photos below might be slightly different due to upgrades/updates to the website). The second way to reach our Design Tool is to click on our Design Tool in the Header at the top of every page of this website and start typing in the type of product you want (vinyl banner, yard sign, etc). A third way to get to our Design Tool is to click on one of our many templates. Can you tell that we REALLY want you to find our Design Tool :-)

Step 2:

Step Two - However you reached the Design Tool, the interface should look the same. There should be a blank product (unless you clicked on a template) in the middle and a set of tools to the left. First, give your artwork a Job Name or Title. Then make sure you have the correct dimensions locked in. If you are going to change the dimensions, click the unlock icon first, then make the change, then lock the icon to save the setting.

Step 3:

You can upload your own photos by clicking on Select File. Or you can use any of our FREE Stock Images! You can scroll down the images to find something you like or you can simply type in a search term (such as 'ball') and then click on the image to add it to your design!

Step 4:

Step Four - This is where you are going to be moving around images, text, resizing things and maybe even adding more layers. Make sure you Save your Artwork often so you don't risk losing any work.

Step 5:

Add layers of text anywhere on your design board, change the color, font and size. Move certain layers to the back or front.

Step 6:

Shapes is another great tool to emphasize certain aspects on your Design or Artwork. Just click on the shape and it shows up on the Design Board. You can then resize and place it anywhere you want.

Step 7: