Glossary Terms


1. 100lb Gloss Cover

100 lb. Gloss Cover is a high-quality, thick paper stock that is excellent for posters requiring high resolution and sharp imagery. We add a non-toxic, water-based aqueous (AQ) coating to make colors more vibrant and protect your printed piece.

2. Account

Creating an account with is easy and helps you save time when placing an order. Log In to your account to change your settings, view status on pending jobs, and review completed jobs.

3. AI

A drawing created with Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics editing program; composed of paths connected by points, rather than bitmap image data; commonly used for logos and print media.

4. Aluminum Signs

Custom aluminum metal signs have a perfectly smooth finish and project a first class image. Aluminum is strong, light-weight and among the most durable of all sign materials as well as cost effective. Aluminum is in high demand for its unbeatable qualities. Plus, a custom aluminum sign can never rot or deteriorate like a standard wooden sign.

5. Artwork

In printing, this is the original copy which includes all text, graphics, photos and illustrations.

6. Backlit Posters

Backlit Film is a thin, clear vinyl material that is ideal for displays that will be seen during the day or at night. prints your advertisement directly on this film with bright vibrant colors. Soft lights are then used behind the film in applications such as mall displays or mobile backlit advertising for a dynamic way of displaying your graphic designs.

7. Banner (Indoor & Outdoor)

Vinyl Banners are a low cost way to make a powerful statement. From a personalized birthday banner to a full size billboard, we can print a custom banner for every event. We use the highest quality, 13 oz. glossy vinyl for long-lasting, indoor/outdoor display. Grommets or pole pockets can be added to facilitate the displaying of your banners.

8. Batch

Batching normally involves the operator selecting the documents to be printed and indicating to the batch printing software when, where they should be output and priority of the print job. Then the job is sent to the print queue, and from there they are then sent to the printer.

9. Bleed

The term bleed refers to any design elements that overlap a document's border. Full bleed printing is the process of printing your artwork on a surface that is slightly larger than the size of the finished product. The excess is then trimmed off, or "cropped," to get the finished product down to its final size. We ask that customers provide a 1/8" or .125" bleed on documents. This .125" bleed will make your file size .25" larger than the final size of your document. Let's say you are printing a 36" x 96" Vinyl Banner. If you add .125" bleed to the left and .125" bleed to the right and then do the same top and bottom, the end result is a document that is 36.25" x 96.25".

10. Blind Drop Ship

Transfer your customer orders and shipment details to and we will ships the products directly to your customer without our return address or company information.

11. Business Cards 14 pt

Show your personality and impress customers with custom, full-color business cards. The thickness of a business card is indicated with point sizes such as 14pt and 16pt. Different coatings can be applied to improve the smoothness of the paper's surface. UV Coating is used to protect the printed image. A liquid is applied to the printed material, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.

12. Canvas Prints

Turn your favorite digital photographs amazing works of art! Canvas Prints are a creatively classy way of printing your treasured landscape photographs or portraits. We print your images on a high-quality canvas material that can be mounted and wrapped around a wooden frame. Make your favorite photos ready for framing and display!

13. Car Magnets

Car Magnets are an inexpensive, yet eye-catching way of getting your company's name on the road. Our high-strength durable magnets are weatherproof and fade resistant. Car magnets are perfect for branding your vehicle. These flat magnetic sheets can be printed in full color with your custom design.

14. CMYK

CMYK is the abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), the four process colors.

15. Contrast

The degree of tones in an image ranging from highlight to shadow.

16. Corplast Signs

Corplast Signs are perfect for inexpensive outdoor advertising such as an upcoming garage sale, real estate signs or election campaigns. Corplast is extremely durable because it is waterproof and resistant to stains and most chemicals.

17. Coupon Code holds several promotions throughout the year that are only available through our website. Enter a valid Coupon Code at checkout to receive your special offer, discount or free stuff.

18. Crop Marks

Lines near the edges of an image indicating where the page will be trimmed.

19. Cutting Machine

A machine that cuts stacks of paper to desired sizes. The machine can also be used in scoring or creasing.

20. Cyan

Shade of blue; One of four basic ink colors used in 4 color printing process

21. Dibond

Dibond material is both aluminum and plastic. A high density plastic core is permanently bonded between to sheets of aluminum. The solid plastic core adds body, thickness and rigidity to the sheet. Dibond is weather proof with a high tolerance for cold and hot weather temperature extremes and heavy precipitation.

22. Die

Device for cutting, scoring, stamping, and embossing.

23. Die Cut

The processing of cutting shapes or designs using a die.

24. DPI (dots per inch)

A measurement of resolution of a printed image defined by the number of dots that fit horizontally and vertically into one inch; The higher the DPI, the sharper the image.

25. EPS

PostScript (.PS) file that may contain 2D vector graphics, bitmap images, and text; may also include an embedded preview image in bitmap format; can be placed within another PostScript document. EPS files are supported by several different drawing programs and vector graphic editing applications. They are often used as a standard means for transferring image data between different operating systems.

26. Finishing

Options applied to the product after printing. The finishing options could include folding, trimming, die cutting, laminating or any post press process that must be completed.

27. Floor Graphics

Advertising with floor graphics is a creative way to market your brand in a unique space. Floor Graphics are produced using pressure sensitive adhesives that hold the graphic firmly in place, but can be removed without leaving residue or damaging the floor. laminates an anti-slip scuff-resistant film over the graphic for a durable, high-quality product that your customers are sure to notice.

28. Flyers

Flyers are an inexpensive yet effective way to advertise for your business. Printed in full color and available in standard sizes, will turn your custom designs into a reliable tool for announcements, promotions and crucial information.

29. Foam Board Posters

Foam Board is a thin piece of foam sandwiched between two smooth sheets of paper making a lightweight, rigid product. Foam Board Posters are perfect for a wide variety of purchase and artwork displays. The surface is excellent for printing, die cutting, and mounting photos, prints and artwork.

30. Format

A file format is a particular way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file. We accept the following file formats: .PDF, .TIFF, .TIF, .PSD, .AI, .EPS, .JPG.

31. Four over Four 4/4

A print job with four color printing on both sides of the paper.

32. Four over One 4/1

A print job with four color printing on the front side and one color on the back side.

33. Four over Zero 4/0

A print job with four color printing on the front side and no printing on the back side.

34. Four-color Process Printing

The process of printing using the combination of four basic color inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to produce a range of colors and create a color image

35. Full Bleed

Full bleed is printing from one edge of the paper to the other without the standard borders by which most personal printers are limited. Without full bleed printing, any minor paper shift during the production process could result in the color and/or design not extending all the way to one or more of the edges.

36. Gallery Wrap

Gallery Wrapping is a method of stretching the canvas material so that it wraps around and is secured to the back a wooden frame.

37. Gator Board Posters

Gator Board is a material similar to Foam Board with a dense, durable foam sandwiched between two smooth, moisture-resistant layers that help form a rigid board that is resistant to bending, warping and denting. Gator Board's exceptionally rigid surface and quality make it the mounting board of choice for photographers. It makes an ideal backing for paper or vinyl printed products that are lighter than Sintra Board, but tougher than conventional Foam Board.

38. Gloss Finish

A lustrous, shiny, surface laminate is applied over the product to form a protective coating over the print and give it a glossy sheen.

39. Graphic Design

Arrangement of type and visual elements along with specifications for paper, ink colors and printing processes that, when combined, convey a visual message.

40. Grommets

Grommets are brass rings that are normally 1/2" in diameter. They are inserted along the edges of the banner. Grommets are the most common and versatile method used to hang banners because you can hang the banner using rope, zip ties, or anchors inserted through the grommets. For smaller banners, grommets in the corners are sufficient for most applications. For larger banners, hems the edges and inserts the grommets through the hemmed edges for added strength.

41. Height

Measurement of vertical distance.

42. Hems

Hemmed edges are created by folding the vinyl over to the back of the banner and then heat welding the 2 layers together. Because grommets are inserted through 2 layers of vinyl along the hemmed edges, this greatly increases the banner strength and helps ensure the grommets do not tear out.

43. H-Fram Stakes

An "H" frame stake will hold up to 6mm or 1/4" thick sign substrates. H-Frame stakes are the perfect accessory for Coroplast corrugated sheeting. They fit right into the flutes to make a rigid sign which can easily be placed in the ground.

44. Job Number

A number assigned to your specific printing project for use in tracking and historical record keeping.

45. Job Ticket

Form used to specify production schedule of a job, the materials it needs, size and finishing options. Also called docket, production order and work order.

46. JPEG

Compressed graphic format standardized by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG); supports up to 24-bit color, which makes .JPEG a good format for storing digital photos; compressed using lossy compression, which may noticeably reduce the image quality if high amounts of compression are used. JPEG images are commonly used for Web graphics and for storing photos taken with digital cameras. They are usually saved with a .JPG extension.

47. Laminate

A thin transparent plastic sheet (coating) applied to provide protection against liquid and heavy use, and usually accents existing color, providing a matte or gloss effect.

48. Landscape

A printing orientation that prints images across the wider side of the form. Contrast with portrait.

49. Live Chat

Questions about your order? Don't get tied up with phone calls and emails. Customer Service Representatives are waiting to answer your questions and help you through the ordering process via Online Chat.

50. Local Pickup

If you select Local Pickup in Step 3 of the ordering process, you are agreeing to pick up your product at PrintSignsQuick.coms physical address. There is no charge for Local Pickup.

51. Magenta

Also known as process red; one of the 4 basic ink colors in process color printing; M in the abbreviation CMYK.

52. Mall Signage caters to malls throughout the Americas with specialized signage for all needs. We are experts at standard sized mall posters, identity logos and entrance ways to food courts, barricades, window clings, banners, menu systems and more! has it all! Contact us directly to learn about our instant, on-line ordering/shipping software program designed specifically for malls. Cut out the middleman and save! We can print in quantity and ship to all of your malls throughout the country or anywhere in the world.

53. Matte Finish

Matte Lamination gives a subtle, attractive effect while forming a protective coating over the print. Matte is particularly suited to artwork displayed in commercial and industrial settings subject to harsh, direct lighting as it eliminates reflective glare.

54. Mesh Window Graphics

Perforated Window Film, also known as view through window graphics, is a vinyl window film made with small holes throughout the material. When the graphic is applied to the window you can see out through the inside, while only seeing the graphic from the outside. This material is used when you don't want to block the view from inside your windows.

55. Multi-sided

You can select to have your images printed on both sides of the material. You may have the same image on both sides, or select separate images to appear on each side of the material.

56. Opaque

Not transparent, impenetrable to light, does not allow for light to pass through.

57. Ordering Process Step 1

Ordering at is as easy as 1,2,3! Step 1 consists of selecting a product from the left side bar, then choosing the size, quantity and finishing options for your product.

58. Ordering Process Step 2

Step 2 of the ordering process is where you can upload your custom artwork right on the website. By selecting "Add Files" you can select a file from your computer. We accept uploads in the following formats; PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG. After adding your files, click "Upload Artwork". If your artwork isn't ready yet, you can always select the option to email your artwork to

59. Ordering Process Step 3

In Step 3 of the ordering process, you can give your job a name. This makes it easy to reference particular jobs later on. Next, select your payment option and tell us where to ship your order. Then, select a shipping method and review all your selections before adding the product to your cart. You can either complete your order now, or repeat Steps, 1,2, and 3 to add more items!

60. Pantone matching system (PMS)

The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system used by printers and graphic designers. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.

61. PDF

Stands for "Portable Document File. A document created by Adobe Acrobat or a program with the Acrobat plug-in; commonly used for e-mail attachments or for saving publications in a standard format for viewing on multiple computers; usually created from another document instead of from scratch. PDF files may contain text, images, forms, annotations, outlines, and other data. They preserve fonts and formatting electronically across multiple platforms and appear the same on the screen as they will when printed on paper.

62. Pixel

Short for picture element, a dot made by a computer, scanner or other digital device. Also called pel, a pixel is a single point in a graphic image.

63. Pole Pockets

Pole pockets are created by folding over extra vinyl and heat welding it to the back of the banner, creating a pocket where a pole will slide into. Pole pockets are traditionally placed along the top and bottom edges of the banner. The top pole is usually attached to the ceiling or other structure above using ropes or cables, while a dowel rod or PVC pipe is inserted into the bottom pocket for extra weight to hold the banner taught and help it lie flat. This seal configuration is most commonly used for mounting banners on street poles as well as large billboards.

64. Portrait

An orientation in which the image is printed across the narrow side of the form. Contrast with landscape.

65. Postcard

Direct mail is a great way to attract customers. Use them to create invitations, announcements or spread the word about your products and services. Let us know what you want; size, one or two-sided printing, the desired finish and the quantity and we'll quote a price.'s prices can't be beat.

66. Posters

100lb Paper is used to produce top-quality posters. It is laminated with a gloss or clear luster finish which protects the printed surface. The poster can then be laminated onto one of our rigid materials for backing depending on the size and use of the final poster. Your attractive designs and graphics will surely stand out with this paper.

67. Post-Press

This is where your job gets a finishing touch. Our technicians apply your choice of laminate to protect and preserve your prints. Your artwork is then mounted on one of the high quality substrates you selected during the order process.

68. Pre-Press

After your job has been received and reviewed for errors your artwork then awaits approval and is being prepared to print. You can accelerate your job through this process by submitting artwork that is Press-Ready.

69. Production

After your artwork has been approved by our designers and sent to production, your artwork is then batched and printed on one of our state-of-the-art, grand format digital printers.

70. PSD

Image file created by Adobe Photoshop, a professional image-editing program; may include image layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, annotation notes, file information, keywords, and other Photoshop-specific elements. Photoshop documents support RGB, CMYK, grayscale, monochrome, duotone, indexed color, Lab color, and multichannel color modes.

71. Register Marks

The printed marks used to align color separations for printing so that each color registers with each other.

72. Resolution

Refers to the number of pixels an image expressed in pixels per inch (ppi); the higher the number, the sharper the image

73. Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands are considered one of the easiest, most convenient trade show displays to use. The product gets it's name because it has a mechanism that retracts the banner into the base when it's not in use. The stand is slim in design, but made from a durable aluminum for stability. They can be easily set up and torn down in seconds, which make it a popular style of banner for trade shows and retail displays. The banner can be changed out as often as you need making it a convenient option for display in malls, theaters, airports and stores.

74. RGB

Refers to red, green, blue - the additive primary colors used for color video display as on a computer screen.

75. Scale

To identify the percent by which photographs or art should be enlarged or reduced to achieve, the correct size for printing.

76. Shipping Stage

This is where your order is being packaged and labeled with your mailing address. Although your order may have been shipped, it may take up to 24 hours before tracking status is available by UPS.

77. Single-sided

Select single-sided to have a single image printed on one side of the material. The other side will be left blank, usually white.

78. Sintra Board Posters

Sintra Board is a durable PVC sheet material. Sintra is ideal for strong, long-lasting indoor or outdoor displays because of it's UV resistant, lightweight and moisture-resistant characteristics. Sintra Board Posters are great for exhibit booths, models, displays, indoor/outdoor signs and photo mounting. offers Sintra in 1/8" or 1/4" thickness.

79. Special Instructions

Shade of blue; One of four basic ink colors used in 4 color printing process

80. Stretcher Bars

Stretcher bars are used to construct a wooden stretcher frame used to mount canvas. They come in segments with interlocking corners that can be fit together like puzzle pieces.

81. Styrene

Styrene is a smooth, lightweight, plastic sheet material that is less than 1/16' thick. Styrene is not affected by variations in moisture content, making it stable, flat and warp free. It can be used indoor or outdoor, but is not recommended for long-time exposure to the sun. This material is perfect for long-lasting indoor display of your custom graphics in bold vibrant colors. offers a gloss or matte finish for extra protection and outstanding visual performance.

82. Substrate

Any surface or material on which printing is done.

83. TIFF

Graphics container that can store both raster and vector images; may contain high-quality graphics that support color depths from 1 to 24-bit; supports both lossy and lossless compression; also supports multiple layers and pages. TIFF files were designed to be a standard image format for saving high-quality color images on multiple computer platforms. They are most often seen with the .TIF extension.

84. Trim

The process of cutting the product to its finished size. The excess that is cut off is also referred to as the trim.

85. Turnaround Time

The normal turnaround time is 2-4 Days; however, you may select Next Day turnaround. The turnaround time begins when the artwork is uploaded and complete. Turnaround times refer only to production. If your order completes after 4:00 PM it may not ship or be available for pick-up until the following day. We strive to release all orders as soon as completion of production allows.

86. Upload

To transfer digital data or computer software from a computer or other digital device to a server or another device.

87. UPS 2nd Day Air

Delivery by the end of the second business day. Some locations in Alaska and Hawaii require additional transit time.


88. UPS 3 Day Select

Delivery by the end of the third business day.

89. UPS Ground

Day-definite delivery typically in one to five days.

90. UPS Next Day

Commercial Destinations: Next business day delivery by 3:00 or 4:30 p.m. where UPS Next Day Air® delivery is committed by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noon, respectively. Residential Destinations:Next business day delivery by end of day.

91. UPS Next Day Air Saver

Next business day delivery by 10:30 a.m., 12:00 noon, or end of day, depending on destination.

92. UV Coating

Liquid glossy coating applied to paper's surface and cured with ultraviolet light. UV coated materials cannot be written on.

93. Vinyl Printed Decals

From common stickers and decals to vehicle wraps and so much more, will turn your vibrant full-color designs into a stunning mountable decal. Weatherproof and car wash safe, our Premium Vinyl Decals are tough enough to withstand the elements without fading or peeling. Our Premium Vinyl has a pressure-activated adhesive and non-visible air release channels to ensure durability and make for easier application. We offer a die cut option for your custom shaped decals.

94. Width

The measurement of the extent of something from side to side.

95. Window Clings

Window Clings are popular for store front advertising and window displays. Your graphics are printed on an opaque, thin, vinyl material. Window Clings adhere to a surface via static, rather than adhesive so it can be easily removed without any clean up. Our standard window clings are printed so that the backside is mounted on the window. Per special request, we can reverse print your graphics so that the Window Cling can be applied to the inside of the window. We also offer double-sided Window Clings which are great for retail store windows, restaurants, malls and more!

96. Window Graphics

Window Graphics aren't just your normal advertising poster, they are a great way to extend your branding into unused space. Your graphics are printed on both sides of a thin sheet of vinyl material, so that whether your customer is looking in or looking out, your message is always seen. One side is coated with a transparent adhesive, then covered with a backing that can be easily removed. Let enhance your storefront appeal with a bold, digitally printed Window Graphic.