How to Upload your print ready artwork

How to upload your 'print ready' artwork to our system.

Uploading your artwork is fast and easy once you know what steps you need to take and in what order to take them. There are a couple of ways to upload your artwork so let's quickly go over which one is right for you!

Do you already have an artwork file that matches the exact size of the product that you want to order? Is it a high resolution file? Did you save as one of our many accepted file types? Awesome! It sounds like you are ready to upload your artwork file! Just follow these quick steps:

1) Select your product and enter the size, dimensions, options and quantity.
2) Add the product to your cart and complete your purchase (make sure you Register and enter your shipping/billing details).
3) AFTER you have completed your purchase, the page that are directed to is where you upload your artwork. Just click on the link and browse to your file, or simply drag your file into the Upload Files box.
4) Once your artwork has been upload, click on Finish and See Proof.
5) Your Proof is the exact file you uploaded, but just take a moment and make sure the dimensions of the artwork file matches the dimensions of the product.
6) If you are satisfied that you have the correct file and you are ready to print it, click on APPROVE. If you want to upload a different file, just click on Replace Artwork.

Below in the example if you look at the image with the colorful ink, to the right you will notice that the VINYL banner product says 12w x 12h, but the file size says 11.11w x 11.11h. In this case, the artwork size DOES NOT MATCH the product size. This is NOT a match. You would need to upload an image or artwork file that is 12w x 12h or risk your image being off center or your product being resized to match the 11.11w x 11.11h artwork.

If you have a file that you want to upload but you want to add some text or photos to it, follow these simple instructions:

1) Select your product and enter the size, dimensions, options and quantity.
2) Click on Create Design and you will be taken to our Free Online Design Tool.
3) On the left, click on Upload to upload your artwork or image.
4) Once your photo or artwork is uploaded you can click on the menus on the left to select free stock photos, text, change colors, etc.
5) Once you are satisfied with your new artwork, click on Add to Cart in the upper right.
6) If you would like to learn more about the Design Tool and how it works, please follow this link!