Transform Your Space: The Impact of Custom Window Banners

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Transform Your Space: The Impact of Custom Window Banners

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Custom window banners, when repurposed as faux vinyl wall decor, bring a unique and stylish touch to any interior space. Their adaptability allows for personalized designs, sizes, and images that cater to your specific aesthetic preferences. Ideal for displaying intricate patterns, bold graphics, or even murals, these banners can transform bland walls into eye-catching focal points. Easy to apply and remove, custom window banners as faux vinyl wall decor provide a flexible and creative solution for refreshing your home or office environment, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit.

Custom window banners have long been used as advertising and promotional tools, but their versatility extends far beyond their traditional applications. By repurposing them as faux vinyl wall decor, you can elevate your interior design and create unique, personalized spaces. This article will explore the various aspects of using custom window banners as wall decor, including the benefits, installation process, and maintenance, along with frequently asked questions.

Benefits of Custom Window Banners as Faux Vinyl Wall Decor

  1. Personalization: Custom window banners allow you to express your creativity and design preferences by choosing your own images, graphics, or patterns.

  2. Easy to Apply and Remove: Unlike traditional wallpaper, window banners can be easily applied and removed without damaging walls, making them an excellent choice for renters or those who enjoy frequent design updates.

  3. Versatility: Suitable for both residential and commercial spaces, custom window banners can be adapted to various settings, such as living rooms, offices, or retail environments.

  4. Cost-effective: Compared to other wall decor options, custom window banners are an affordable alternative that still provides high-quality results.

FAQs about Custom Window Banners as Faux Vinyl Wall Decor

Q: Can I use my own photos or designs for custom window banners?

A: Yes, most companies that produce custom window banners will allow you to upload your own images or designs. Just make sure the files are high-resolution to ensure a crisp, clear print.

Q: Are custom window banners easy to install?

A: Custom window banners are relatively easy to install. Some banners come with an adhesive backing, like our wall decals, making them simple to apply, while others may require some double-sided tape or velcro like adhesive.

Q: Can I use custom window banners in rooms with high humidity, like bathrooms?

A: While some window banners may be suitable for high-humidity environments, the 'stickiness' of the Print Signs Quick's custom window banners will depend on what you choose to hang it with.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my custom window banner?

A: Cleaning and maintenance will depend on the specific material and type of banner you choose. Generally, a soft cloth and mild soap solution can be used to clean the surface gently.

Q: Can I easily remove the window banner without damaging the wall?

A: Yes, custom window banners can typically be removed without damaging the wall, especially if they have an adhesive backing. It all depends on what you choose to hang your custom window banner with.

Q: How long do custom window banners last?

A: The lifespan of custom window banners will depend on the material, usage, and environment. Generally, high-quality window banners can last for several years, especially when properly maintained and used indoors.

Q: Can I apply custom window banners to textured walls?

A: While custom window banners adhere best to smooth surfaces, they may still work on slightly textured walls.

Q: Can custom window banners be used as a temporary design solution?

A: Absolutely! Custom window banners are an ideal temporary design solution for events, seasonal decor, or those who simply enjoy changing their interior design frequently.

Custom window banners as faux vinyl wall decor offer a unique, personalized, and affordable way to transform your living or working space. With their ease of application, adaptability, and high-quality visuals, they provide an exciting alternative to traditional wall coverings. By understanding the many benefits and addressing common questions, you can confidently embrace this innovative design solution and create a truly unique and captivating environment.

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Excellent Customer Service!

Excellent Customer Service! Took the time to make sure that I was happy with all the details of my banner, from the image to the font type and size. Shipped out quickly and I received it on time! I was absolutely happy with my purchase! Thank you PrintSignsQuick!

This Sign Was Perfect!

This sign was perfect! The owner worked with all of my requests (it was a 10 year anniversary gift) and shipped it really quickly so I would have it on time. Very easy to work with!

I Absolutely LOVE My New Decals!

I absolutely LOVE my new decals! Someone posted in our "Hiking with Dogs" Facebook group about the great decals this seller was producing and so many of us jumped on the band wagon that I think we overwhelmed her a little bit. She came through for us all and everyone that posted what decal they got in our group didn't have anything but praise and excitement at what they received. A+ Seller and Awesome product. Don't see exactly what you want? Send a note and the seller will send you examples of what you might be looking for. Again, cannot say enough about how happy I am with my purchase.


Excellent!!! So impressed with the communication this seller provided, the final product looks amazing! Love the banner!!

This Is The Perfect Backdrop!

This is the perfect backdrop!!! Even better than I expected! I couldn't be happier!! :) Fast shipping and excellent service! I'll be back for more soon! Thanks again so much!

Seller Handled The Situation Very Well!

Backdrop, artwork and customer service were excellent... unfortunately UPS damaged the item during the deliver process to Canada. Seller handled the situation very well.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best material for a livingroom wall print?

We have a lot of products to choose from for a custom indoor wall hanging. Depending on the decor in your living room, you can choose the glossy white gatorboard or an edgy, black matte foamboard and both look amazing in full color print. If you want a really elegant print, acrylic would be our top of the line choice. And our classic aluminum prints are quickly topping the charts as a timeless choice. We have to admit that our canvas prints are still a popular choice and probably always will be. 

What is the best yard sign to get?

Yard signs are great for getting a message out fast. Corplast is a corrugated plastic that is weatherproof and comes in three thickness choices: 4mil, 6mil and 10mil. You can print in full color and order with H stands to make it easy to stick in your yard. The most popular size to order is an 24" wide by 18" tall 6mil yard sign. 

How can I print my original artwork?

Original artwork is priceless so you want to make sure it will last a long time. One of the best ways to showcase your artwork and make sure it lasts is to have it printed on a durable material. Metal is one of the most durable materials you can print on. Both Dibond and Aluminum are great products for printing. You can print in full vivid color and display inside or outdoors. Canvas, gatorboard, foamboard, styrene, PVC and other products are great to print on as well. Whichever product you choose to print your original artwork on, the process is the same. Make sure your artwork is saved as a digital, high resolution file. You can take a photo of it with a digital camera (smart phones will only save your artwork as a 72dpi resolution, but if you are printing it in an 8"x10" or smaller, that can still work). Next, select the product you want to use, select the size you want (as well as any special options) and then upload your artwork file. That's it!

Which decal or sticker should I get?

There are many stickers and decals to choose from so it depends on what you are using it for and what do you want to put it on. There are decals that are have high adhesive (they can be used for semi permanent use), low adhesive (removable if removed within a short time) and no adhesives that are considered static clings. Once you figure out how 'sticky' you want your sticker to be, you then have to decide whether you want your decal to have a background color or did you prefer a clear background. Standard decals, Removable decals and White Static Clings all have a white background on the decals any place that your artwork is not covering. Clear decals and clear static clings both have clear (transparent) background options. The options include spot white and flood white. Almost all of the decals and stickers have three Special Cut options: Circle, Halo and Oval. The Standard decal offers a 4th Special Cut option called Exact Cut. 

What is the best decal for an RV?

Two of our best selling decals for RV's and travel trailers are our Standard White Decals and our Clear Decals. They both are very similar in what they offer but our clear decal can have a transparent background, but our Standard White Decal comes with a white background (or whatever color you choose to put in your artwork file). The second difference is that the both decals come with special cuts: Oval, Circle and Halo, but the Standard White decal also comes with an Exact cut (a really detailed 'die cut' type of option). Both decals are durable, long lasting, are weatherproof and look amazing in full vivid color. 

What are real estate signs made out of?

Most real estate signs are made from a corrugated plastic material commonly called 'Corplast' or 'Coroplast'. Real Estate signs come in three thickness choices: 4mm, 6mm and heavy duty 10mm. The 4mm thickness is typically used for 12" x 12" window type signs. The 6mm thickness is the most common sign choice and is popular for 18" x 24" yard signs. The 10mm is a great choice for 24" x 36" signs. Are three sizes are extremely durable, long lasting and weatherproof. All signs can be ordered with grommets for hanging your signs. 

What kind of sign should I get for my vehicle?

Vehicle magnets are a very popular way to advertise on the go. You can put them on and take them off whenever you want. And a vehicle magnet might be perfect for you, unless you have a newer vehicle that is mostly made of plastic. Before ordering a vehicle magnet, make sure your vehicle is magnetic, test it with a small magnet. 

Our second most popular means of advertising on the go are vehicle window decals. These decals can stay on your window for full time visibility, or you can order our removable decals so that you can place them on your vehicle for events and then remove. 

Where is the best place to get my signs from?

You can do an online search and go with the top paid ad, but that spot is for the company that pays the most for your business, sometimes 70k per month! You can do a local search online and all of the nearby sign shops will pop up but that doesn't tell you much about them. You can look for the lowest price and go with that company, but that doesn't mean they have a quality product. So how do you know what company to go with? Usually it's through a process of elimination. You order from one and have a good experience or a bad experience. If the order arrives late or damaged, you probably won't use them again. 

At we're here to save you time and money. We can offer you a quality product at a great price because we print large volumes at a time. And we ship on time!