Update your old signs with a fresh decal or sticker!

Update your old signs with a fresh decal or sticker!

Do you have signs with old or outdated information? Update them with a fresh decal and some new information for a fraction of the price of a new sign! Maybe you recently changed your phone number but your yard signs still have the old number. Don't reprint the old signs, just order a decal to cover up the old information. Covering a 12" x 4" phone number is just a little over $2 for the sticker! That's much cheaper than ordering a new sign!

Can I cover up my sign with a decal or sticker?

Yes! If you need to cover up text or graphics on a yard sign, order a decal instead. Almost anything can be covered up with decal. Decals work great on corplast, metal, aluminum, dibond, foamboard, gatorboard and so much more!

What kind of decal or sticker should I use to cover up old info on a sign?

If you want to cover up old text on a yard sign, you want to order a standard decal with a white background. That background can be printed with any color or image that you want but the important part is to make sure the background is not transparent.

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