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1. What type of files can I upload to PrintSignsQuick.com?

File types accepted: Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG) Illustrator (AI, EPS, PDF, with all fonts outlined) Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG file.

2. What should the resolution of my files be?

File Resolution: We recommend a resolution of 300 dpi at full scale. Large items such as Vinyl Banners and Billboard Banners can be submitted with 150 dpi at full scale.

3. What color mode should my files be?


Color is extremely important to us as it is to you. If you have specific colors that have to be matched, they should be specified in "Additional Comments" while placing your order. Color artwork should be provided in CMYK( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black ) color mode and black/white artwork should be provided in Grayscale.


4. What is an example of setting up bleeds?

BLEED: We ask that customers provide a 1/8" or .125" bleed on documents. This .125" bleed will make your file size .25" larger than the final size of your document. Let's say you are printing a 36" x 96" Vinyl Banner. If you add .125" bleed to the left and .125" bleed to the right and then do the same top and bottom, the end result is a document that is 36.25" x 96.25".

5. What are bleeds?

The term bleed refers to any design elements that overlap a document's border. Full bleed printing is the process of printing your artwork on a surface that is slightly larger than the size of the finished product. The excess is then trimmed off, or "cropped," to get the finished product down to its final size.

6. Why do I need bleeds?

Without full bleed printing, any minor paper shift during the production process could result in the color and/or design not extending all the way to one or more of the edges. Professional materials printed via full bleed process are simply more visually attractive and professional looking than materials printed without full bleed.

7. Should I put Crop Marks in my design?

Yes. Placing crop marks on your image will indicate exactly where the page will be trimmed.

8. What do I need to do with my Fonts?

Outline all fonts whenever possible. If your fonts cannot be outlined, be sure to include the fonts with your artwork. Fonts must be embedded in PDF files.

9. What is a Safe Zone?

We suggest that all essential images/text be kept 1/8" or .125" inside the trim line to be sure it will not be cut off.

10. Can I use borders in my artwork?

We do not recommend you use a border, however; if you do, it is essential you allow at least 1/16" of cutting space to around the border to maintain an even appearance.

11. Where is my order?

To view the details and status of your order 1. Click on 'LogIn', enter the username and password to log in. 2. Click on "Pending Jobs" to view the status of your order.

12. What kind of inks do you use?

All of our products are printed with four-color inks: (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).

13. Can I request spot color?

No. We print using a 4-color process. We do not use any inks other than CMYK.

14. When preparing ready to print files, what size should I build my file to?

When you are building your file just be sure to add a .125" bleed on all sides.

15. What is the required bleed?

Create all files with a .125" to .250" bleed.

16. What if my files don't bleed?

We require all files to contain a bleed. The final product will be trimmed to your desired size.

17. Can I cancel or change my order?

We will be glad to cancel or change your order within 30 mins of purchase (as long as your items are not in production). Once your order has been successfully placed and approved, your total refund may be subject to administrative or labor fees.

18. What if I am not satisfied with my order?

PrintSignsQuick.com is committed to your satisfaction. We will gladly correct errors due to print or production. However, we are not responsible for customer design errors such as typing, color, image, etc.

19. What is your return policy?

At PrintSignsQuick.com, all orders are custom to each client and therefore cannot be returned. We will be happy to reprint an order that contains a print or production error. If there is an error with your order you must notify PrintSignsQuick.com within 24 to 48 hours of delivery. .