Common Vinyl Banner Size

What are common Vinyl Banner Sizes? This image may help you decide what size vinyl Banner to order.

What size vinyl banner should I order?

Depending on what you are using your Custom Vinyl Banner for, we have unlimited size choices! Print Signs Quick can cut your vinyl banner to any size! So, what is the best vinyl banner size to order? That depends on what your needs are! Are you ready to order a vinyl banner? Click Here!

What size banner should I order for a cake smash?

Cake smash photo shoots are usually done on a baby's first birthday but also can be done no matter how old the child is. If you have a one year old a good size vinyl banner or backdrop to start with would be at least 36" tall. The baby is usually sitting on the floor (or a 'floordrop'), but they might want to stand up and you don't want to miss that perfect shot! So I would recommened a 48"x 48" backdrop or vinyl banner if your baby tends to wander. And a 48"x 48" for a floordrop, usually a wood print looks great!

What size banner should I print for a party?

Banners and backdrops are popular at any kind of party. But what size should you have printed? It just depends on what you are using it for. Mug Shot banners or backdrops are popular at parties! How many people do you want in front of the mug shot at one time? One? Two? A group? If you want each person taking individual photos, your backdrop can be 36"x 36" backdrop to make sure that person fits in comfortably, especially if they are holding props. For two or three people, a 48"x48" banner or backdrop would be perfect. For a group of people you should get at least a 72"x 48" or bigger banner. Are you ready to place that vinyl banner order? Just click here!

Here are a few more common sizes!

What about common sign sizes? If you are ordering decorative art printed on foamboard or gatorboard, it's good to know what size you need. What about a For Sale sign or outdoor yard sign? Take a look at some of our common sign sizes.

Common vinyl banner sizes and sign sizes

Real estate yard signs: 18" x 24"
Real estate post signs: 24" x 36"
Vinyl banner: 36" x 60"
Team sports banners: 36" x 60"

If you know now what size you want to order and you are ready to start on your Design, take a look at our quick Design Tool Tutorial and see how easy it is to start designing your product!

If you already have your 'Print Ready' artwork ready to upload to our printers, you can place your order here!


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