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How do you know if you are getting the best deal for a product online?

You do an Internet search, you look for coupon codes, you try and find the lowest price or catchy phrases such as 'free shipping', 'next day production', 'lowest prices'. But do you really compare what you're getting? Or are you just clicking on another Sponsored (paid) ad that comes up first on Google?

Are you comparing Apples to Oranges? Maybe you should be comparing Apples to Apples and Oranges to Oranges. You need to be able to see passed the catchy phrases and low prices thrown at you. You need to do a little research first.

FREE SHIPPING - Is Free Shipping really free shipping? In most cases there is a minimum purchase price that must be met. And in a lot of cases, companies are going to list their products at the highest price in order to cover that 'free shipping', so be careful falling for this 'deal'.

COUPON CODES - Coupon codes are common for companies that don't have the lowest prices. They keep their prices higher than their competion and offer lots and lots of coupon codes. You might think you're getting a great deal, but chances are you just bought from a higher priced competitor and using that coupon brought down the price a little, but you still paid more than you would have with a lower priced competitor.

Almost every great 'deal' is being offered from higher priced competitors in the hopes that you will be back, you might forget to get another code, free shipping is no longer available or people will just stumble upon their website and buy at the higher price.

One more thing to compare is the actual product. For instance, our vinyl banner is made of a durable 13 ounce vinyl. While comparing prices I realized that a lot of competitors are cutting quality and cost by selling 9 ounce vinyl material. It's a huge difference if you plan on using your banner outside or for any length of time. Our 13 ounce vinyl banners are made to last, withstanding all types of weather and even printed with fade resistant UV quality inks.

At we STRIVE to offer a QUALITY product at the BEST possible price! No gimmicks! No sales pitch! No bait and switch! I went online again today and searched out companies that are advertising on the first page of google. I have software that tells me how much they are spending per month to get your business. I'm not here to put down another business for the way they market (that's why I scratched over their names). But here is a screenshot that I took minutes ago of some of the monthly spending on Google Adwords that large sign companies are forking out to get placement on the first page, top position. Being on the first page in a paid spot of a search engine doesn't mean they are the best, it means they paid the most money to be placed there.

There are generally two ways to get business... #1 Spend lots of money on advertising #2 Sell great products at low prices and offer exceptional customer service. We prefer to sell great products. Our overhead is low so that we can pass along the savings to our customers.

June 2022 UPDATE: Cleaver marketing or misleading advertising?

It's Sunday night and I was online browsing through Google searches for Vinyl Banners. My eye caught a banner that said '$1.46 Banners', so of course I wanted to see what the 'catch' was. The first catch was the size: 1' x 2', not a practical size for a banner. Only a tiny percentage of people might order a 1'x2', but the price got me to click on it so I guess that kind of advertising worked.

The next page asked me to select a vinyl material. Of course the 1'x2' $1.46 banner is made of the cheapest vinyl material and includes no hems or grommets. Adding those hems and grommets brings that price up to $6.68 for that 1'x2'. Also, upgrading to a 'better' vinyl will cost you a lot more. Since the 'better' vinyl doesn't come in a 1'x2', the minimum price for the smallest size (2'x2') is $10.38 (about $2.59 a sq ft), but hems and grommets are still extra, bringing the price of a 2'x2' to $15.60 ($3.90 a sq ft). Isn't that funny how quickly the price keeps adding up! $15.60 for a 2'x2' banner!

At Print Signs Quick, we always include hems and grommets. And we always advertise a vinyl banner that is durable and long lasting, no upgrade necessary!


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