Bait and Switch or Just Clever Marketing?

Is it clever marketing or a 'bait and switch' pricing game? Do your research before you buy!

If you're thinking about buying any product, pay close attention to the marketing tactics they use. 'Free' doesn't always mean free. Sometimes it just means they move the price of the 'free' portion and stick it in with the product price.

Take a look at the examples below from another company. On the left you have a basic business card order. The base price is $23.71. On the right you have that same exact business card order but it's with Free Shipping (because free means free right!?!). The base price for the same business cards with FREE shipping is $34.67!!!!

Now, let's take a look at the final price with 'Free' Shipping below. On the left you have your standard order but you are paying for shipping. On the right is your order with 'Free' Shipping included. Notice that you are paying more in Sales Tax because they raised the base price on the same business cards as the one on the left. In this case you saved $1.83 because you chose 'Free Shipping'. You did not get $13.78 off for the 'free shipping'. You got charged more on the product so that it looks like you got a great deal but in reality you did not!

So, before you purchase another product, ask yourself why a company needs to sell the same product for a higher price, just so they can advertising a Free service, especially when you don't get the full price of that 'free' service.

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