Choosing the Right Decals for your RV

Choosing the Right Decals for your RV, Campers, Vans and Vehicles!

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When it comes to decorating and branding your RV or vehicle, choosing the right type of decal is essential. At Print Signs Quick, we offer three fantastic options: Air Release vinyl decals, Standard Decals with a white base, and Clear (transparent) Decals. Each type has unique advantages, making them suitable for different situations and preferences. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each decal type and the various custom cut options available.

Air Release Vinyl Decals: Our #1 Rated Choice


  • Ease of Application: Air Release vinyl decals feature tiny air channels that prevent bubbles during application, making them easy to apply smoothly.
  • Durability: These decals are highly durable, resistant to weather, UV rays, and wear, ensuring they look great for a long time.
  • Professional Finish: The high-quality material and bubble-free finish give a professional look that enhances the appearance of your RV or vehicle.
  • Custom Cut Options: Air Release decals come with Halo, Circle, Oval, and Exact custom cut options, allowing for precise and creative designs.

Best Uses:

  • Ideal for large surface areas on RVs and vehicles where a smooth, professional application is essential.
  • Perfect for complex designs that require an exact custom cut for a seamless fit.

Standard Decals (with White Base): Economical and Versatile


  • Cost-Effective: Standard decals are an economical choice, providing excellent quality at a lower price point.
  • Vibrant Colors: The white base allows for vibrant, eye-catching colors that stand out.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from small bumper stickers to larger decals.
  • Custom Cut Options: Available with Halo, Circle, Oval, and Exact custom cuts, making them versatile for various design needs.

Best Uses:

  • Great for budget-conscious projects without compromising on quality.
  • Ideal for designs that benefit from a vibrant color palette and a solid, opaque background.

Clear (Transparent) Decals: Perfect for Subtlety and Elegance


  • Subtle Appearance: Clear decals blend seamlessly with the surface, giving a more subtle and sophisticated look.
  • Versatility: Can be applied to windows and other transparent surfaces without obstructing the view.
  • Custom Cut Options: Available with Halo, Circle, and Oval custom cuts, offering flexibility for different design needs.

Best Uses:

  • Perfect for applications where a minimalistic and elegant appearance is desired.
  • Ideal for window decals and situations where the background surface should be visible.

Custom Cut Options

  1. Halo Cut:

    • A slight border around the design, creating a "halo" effect.
    • Great for adding emphasis and making the decal stand out.
  2. Circle Cut:

    • Simple and clean, this option cuts the decal into a perfect circle.
    • Ideal for logos and designs that fit well within a circular shape.
  3. Oval Cut:

    • Similar to the circle cut but in an oval shape.
    • Perfect for designs that are wider or taller, providing a balanced look.
  4. Exact Cut:

    • Cuts the decal precisely along the edge of the design.
    • Best for intricate and detailed designs that require precision.

Creating Custom Cut Lines in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Open Your Design:

    • Import your design file into Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Create a New Layer:

    • Create a new layer for your cut line to keep it separate from your design.
  3. Draw the Cut Line:

    • Use the Pen Tool to draw the cut line around your design.
    • Ensure the cut line is a closed path for precise cutting.
  4. Set the Stroke Color:

    • Set the stroke color to a unique color (e.g., magenta) to differentiate it from your design.
  5. Navigate to Swatches and drag your color below to create a custom 'swatch' for your cut line.
  6. Label the Cut Line:

    • Label the swatch name as 'Cut', label the color type as 'Spot' and change the color mode to CMYK to avoid confusion during the printing process.
  7. Save Your File:

    • Save your file in a print-ready format (e.g., Adobe PDF, etc) with the cut line layer included.

If you need help with the cut line in your image or artwork file, just let us know! We are more than happy to create it for you!

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Custom RV Decals: Personalized and Replacement Options

Custom RV decals are not just for new designs; they can also replicate existing decals that have aged and faded. Whether you want to restore your RV's original look or create a unique design that reflects your lifestyle, custom decals are the way to go. You can choose from any of the three decal types to match your needs and preferences.


  • Custom decals can feature unique images, slogans, or artwork that represent your personality and interests.
  • They can be tailored to fit specific areas of your RV or vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.


  • If your existing decals are worn out, custom replacements can be made to match the original design.
  • Using durable materials like Air Release vinyl ensures that your new decals will last longer and withstand the elements better.

Choosing the right decals for your RV or vehicle is crucial for achieving the desired look and functionality. At Print Signs Quick, we offer top-rated Air Release vinyl decals, economical Standard decals with a white base, and elegant Clear decals, each with unique benefits. Our custom cut options, including Halo, Circle, Oval, and Exact cuts, provide the flexibility to create precise and creative designs. With our free templates and easy customization process, you can create stunning decals that make your RV or vehicle truly stand out.


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