How to Clean and Care for a Vinyl Banner

How do I clean my vinyl banner?

Cleaning and caring for your vinyl banner is very easy! Vinyl banners are washable and weatherproof. One of the best ways to clean your vinyl banner is with soap and warm water. Blue Dawn dishsoap is a brand of dishsoap that works very well. Once you wash and rinse your vinyl banner, you'll want to lay it flat in order to dry.
cleaning banner with soap and water

Are all banners the same?

Not all vinyl banners are made the same. At Print Signs Quick we only sell high quality products that last. Our 13oz vinyl is durable and can stand up to any weather condition. Our UV coated ink is weatherproof and doesn't fade. Not all banners are made to stand the test of time. These cleaning tips work for our products. You may want to test a small area of your product if you purchased it from another company.

How do I care for my vinyl banner?

Caring for your vinyl banner is easy! Once you are finished with the vinyl banner, you can roll up the banner and store it out of the way somewhere, even behind a door.

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