Custom Printed Signage that Stands Out

Leveraging Custom Printed Signage to Stand Out from the Crowd

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In a business environment teeming with competition, one strategic way to rise above the noise and make a lasting impression is through custom printed signage. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are utilizing these innovative solutions to extend their branding, communicate their messages more effectively, and enhance their visibility. When you add the use of different materials like Coroplast, foam board, Gatorboard, and PVC into the mix, the possibilities for creating distinctive signage that resonates with your target audience become endless.

Unleashing the Power of Custom Printed Signage

Custom printed signage represents your unique brand identity and helps you to convey your business's ethos and offerings effectively. Unlike generic signs, custom signage gives you control over every aspect of the design, from the colors and fonts to the shape and size of the sign. This means you can tailor your signage to precisely fit your business's needs and target demographics.

Another major benefit of custom printed signage is the potential for greater visibility. In a sea of rectangular signs and banners, a uniquely shaped custom printed sign can command more attention and help your business to stand out. For example, a pet store might use a sign shaped like a dog or cat, while a bakery could employ a sign shaped like a cupcake or loaf of bread.

The Impact of Large Custom Shapes

Incorporating large custom shapes into your signage can make it even more eye-catching and memorable. By stepping outside the traditional confines of rectangular signage, you can make a bold statement and distinguish your brand from competitors. Large custom shapes not only add an element of creativity and fun to your signage but also reinforce your brand identity.

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The Strength of Materials: Coroplast, Foam Board, Gatorboard, and PVC

The material you choose for your custom printed signage can greatly influence its overall look, durability, and functionality. Coroplast, foam board, Gatorboard, and PVC each offer unique benefits that can be leveraged for maximum effect.


Coroplast is a lightweight, cost-effective material perfect for temporary outdoor signs. It is resistant to weather, UV rays, and impact, making it suitable for yard signs, real estate signage, and event signage. Its corrugated structure allows for easy installation using H-stakes.

Foam Board

Foam board provides a high-quality, professional look for indoor signage. It’s lightweight and easy to cut, which makes it ideal for creating custom shapes. Foam board is often used for presentations, trade shows, and other short-term events.


Gatorboard is more durable than foam board but maintains similar lightweight properties. This makes it excellent for long-term indoor signs or short-term outdoor applications. It resists warping and is easy to cut into custom shapes, making it a popular choice for exhibits, retail displays, and signage requiring frequent setup and takedown.


PVC is robust, weather-resistant, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It's a good choice for long-term signage as it can withstand elements and is resistant to fading. PVC can be cut into custom shapes, offering flexibility in design for stand-out signs.

In a competitive marketplace, custom printed signage using materials like Coroplast, foam board, Gatorboard, and PVC can provide your business with an edge. By incorporating unique, large custom shapes into your designs, you can ensure your brand stands out from the crowd, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience. Embrace the power of custom signage and watch your business's visibility skyrocket.

Here's a list of creative ideas for using oversized signs at events and parties:

  1. Hanging Cloud Signs: These can be used to create a whimsical, dreamy atmosphere at your event. Consider hanging them from the ceiling over the dance floor or over the dining area. They can be custom printed with a special message, or left plain for a more subtle effect.

  2. Giant Hearts on Stakes in the Yard: This could be a wonderful addition to a wedding, engagement party, or Valentine's Day event. They can be used to guide guests along a path or simply serve as decoration.

  3. Oversized Welcome Sign: Greet your guests with a large, beautifully designed welcome sign at the entrance of the venue. This can set the tone for the entire event.

  4. Massive Photobooth Backdrop: An oversized sign can serve as a unique and exciting backdrop for a photo booth. This could feature a fun quote, a custom graphic, or even an enlarged version of the event's invitation.

  5. Giant Foam Board Hashtags: If you're hosting a social media-friendly event, giant foam board hashtags can encourage guests to post about your party online. These could feature the event's official hashtag, the name of the event, or a phrase that encapsulates the event's theme.

  6. Oversized Menu or Program: Rather than distributing individual menus or programs, consider creating an oversized sign featuring this information. This can become a striking focal point and can also make it easier for guests to see the schedule or food options.

  7. Massive Letter Balloons: Spell out a message or the name of the guest of honor with massive letter balloons. These can be hung on a wall or float freely around the venue.

  8. Life-sized Standees: A life-sized standee of the guest of honor or a celebrity can add a fun and playful element to your party. They can serve as great photo opportunities for your guests.

  9. Large Custom PVC Directional Signs: Oversized directional signs can add a sense of whimsy to your event while also helping guests navigate the space.

  10. Giant Gatorboard Games: Use oversized gatorboard pieces to create large versions of classic games like checkers or tic-tac-toe. This can provide a fun, interactive element for your event.

Remember, the key to using oversized signs effectively is to ensure they align with your event's theme and overall aesthetic. They should add to the atmosphere, not distract or overwhelm the space.

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Oversized signs at weddings can add a unique touch and help to guide guests throughout the event. Here are some creative ideas for you:

  1. Welcome Sign: A large sign at the entrance can warmly welcome guests and set the tone for the wedding. You can include the couple's names, wedding date, and a sweet quote or message.

  2. Seating Chart: Instead of individual place cards, an oversized sign can serve as the seating chart. It can be elegantly designed to match your wedding theme and decor.

  3. Menu Sign: A large, beautifully designed menu sign at the buffet table or near the entrance of the dining area can add elegance to your event.

  4. Wedding Program: An oversized sign detailing the wedding program can help guests stay informed about the event's schedule.

  5. Love Quote Sign: A large sign featuring a favorite love quote or poem can serve as an excellent backdrop for photos or a centerpiece for the venue.

  6. Hanging Cloud Signs: These can add a magical touch to your wedding decor. They can be adorned with fairy lights for a dreamy effect.

  7. Directions Sign: Guide your guests to the ceremony, reception, restrooms, photo booth, and other areas with oversized directional signs.

  8. Photobooth Backdrop: A large sign with an interesting design or quote can be used as a backdrop for a photo booth.

  9. Hashtag Sign: Encourage your guests to share their snaps of your day on social media with a giant sign featuring your custom wedding hashtag.

  10. Date Sign: A large sign with the couple's significant dates (first meeting, first date, engagement, wedding day) can add a personal touch to your wedding decor.

  11. Giant Hearts on Stakes: Spread these around the venue or use them to line the aisle for a romantic touch.

  12. Signature Cocktails Sign: If you're having signature cocktails at your wedding, an oversized sign can list the ingredients and maybe even a little backstory about why they're significant to you.

Remember, the goal of these signs is not just to add visual appeal to your wedding but also to make the event more navigable and enjoyable for your guests. Customize them to fit your theme and personality, making your big day even more special and memorable.


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