Custom Vinyl Banners

How do I order a Custom Vinyl Banner?

Most people start with an Internet Search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). The first results at the top of page are the paid searches. Those are people or businesses that have paid for that #1, 2 or 3 spot at the top of any Search page. Typically places that pay for these coveted spots pay the highest dollar to get there. They are also more likely to advertise an extremely low price to grab your attention and your business. Beware of these low prices! A lot of these are 'bait and switch' and redirect you to a product of a much lesser quality or a size that is extremely small. And the price keeps going up from there!

How do I know that I'm getting a Quality Vinyl Banner?

Compare the size of your product, the material, the finishing options and any other additions. When people advertise a super low price, they are advertising the bare bones of that product. When it comes to Vinyl Banners, they may try and sell you a thin 11 ounce vinyl, instead of a quality 13 ounce vinyl that will withstand time and outdoor weather conditions. The advertised low price probably won't include hems to increase durability or grommets to hang your banner. Some advertised lower priced banners might not even include full color! So just beware if you are tempted to click on a product just because it came up first on a search engine (paid advertisement to be placed there) or because they are offering a really low price. You get what you pay for and you may not be happy with the product. 

Does Print Signs Quick offer quality Custom Vinyl Banners? 

Yes! Our Vinyl Banners are made of durable 13 ounce vinyl and include FULL COLOR UV LED Inks for a long last, weatherproof product! At we INCLUDE hems and grommets at no extra charge! And we are competitively priced!



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