Express Yourself: Decorate Your RV, Travel Trailer, or Motorhome with Stickers and Decals

Express Yourself: Decorate Your RV, Travel Trailer, or Motorhome with Stickers and Decals

If you've ever considered branding your RV, car, or even the storefront of your business, you're probably familiar with the term 'vinyl decals'. These sticky wonders come in a variety of types—standard, clear, perforated, and air release—each with its unique properties and applications. Let's dive into the world of decals and explore the distinctions between these four types.

Standard Vinyl Decals

Standard vinyl decals, also known as opaque decals, are the most commonly used type of decals. They consist of a printed design on a solid, opaque background. This type of decal is suitable for any smooth surface and is exceptionally versatile.

The background, typically white, allows the colors of your design to pop, making it highly visible from a distance. These decals are durable, resistant to weather elements, and ideal for outdoor use, which makes them a great option for recreational vehicles. 

Clear Vinyl Decals

For a seamless, 'painted-on' look, clear vinyl decals are the way to go. These decals are printed on a transparent vinyl, meaning the design or text is visible, while the rest blends into the surface of the vehicle or window.

Clear decals are perfect for displaying logos or designs without the distraction of a colored background. They are particularly effective when applied to glass, making them an excellent choice for window decals. But they stand out as the perfect recreational vehicle decal because only your image and text show, not the transparent decal. 

Perforated Vinyl Decals

Perforated vinyl decals, often referred to as one-way vision decals, contain tiny holes that provide one-way visibility. From the outside, viewers see the printed design, but from the inside, thanks to the perforations, you can see out. Great for windows, but they really pop anywhere on recreational vehicles. 

Air Release Vinyl Decals OUR #1 RATED RV DECAL!

Air release vinyl decals are engineered to make the application process as easy and bubble-free as possible. These decals contain microscopic channels in the adhesive, allowing trapped air to escape and preventing the formation of bubbles during application.

This feature is especially helpful for larger decals, as they can be quite tricky to apply smoothly. They are durable, weather-resistant, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you choose standard, clear, perforated, or air release vinyl decals largely depends on where you plan to place the decal and the visual effect you're after. Remember to consider the surface, visibility, and overall aesthetic when choosing the right decal for your needs. Regardless of the type, vinyl decals are an excellent tool for personalizing your vehicle and communicating your brand or message.

Below are some quick links to four of our best decals for recreational vehicles:

Standard white decal

Clear decal

Air Release

Perforated Vinyl
Check out some of our Custom Templates! Or use our FREE online design tool to design your own custom rv decal.

The road less traveled may be a solitary one, but who said it has to be bland? Your RV, travel trailer, or motorhome is not only a means of transportation but also an extension of your personality and a canvas for your creativity.

Expressing yourself through stickers and decals is a fun and unique way to personalize your vehicle, turning it into a moving piece of art that tells your story.

Stickers and decals come in various designs, sizes, and themes. From large scenic decals that reflect the beauty of the landscapes you love, to smaller stickers that showcase your interests, beliefs, or humor, the options are virtually limitless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Large Scenic Decals

Large decals can transform your RV into a work of art that attracts attention wherever you go. Whether it's a mountain range, forest, beach, or a stunning sunset, scenic decals can serve as a testament to the beautiful places you've visited or dream to visit. For instance:

  • A majestic mountain landscape with snow-capped peaks and a serene lake reflects a love for mountain hiking or skiing.

  • An intricate forest scene could appeal to the nature lover, or those who love camping in the great outdoors.

  • A beautiful beach scene with the setting sun may resonate with beachgoers or those who prefer coastal destinations.

2. Quotes and Text-Based Stickers

Quotes can be a great way to express your personality, beliefs, or sense of humor. Here are a few examples:

  • "Home is where we park it" is a classic quote that reflects the nomadic spirit of many RV owners.

  • "Adventure Awaits" might resonate with those who have a constant itch for exploring new places.

  • "I'm sorry for what I said when we were parking the camper" can bring a smile to fellow RV enthusiasts who understand the occasional tensions of life on the road.

3. Personalized Stickers

Personalized stickers can reflect your hobbies, interests, hometown, or even your favorite pet. These could include:

  • If you're a music lover, how about a decal of a guitar, a musical note, or the logo of your favorite band?

  • Pet owners might love a sticker featuring the silhouette of their dog, cat, or a paw print.

  • Sports enthusiasts can display the logo of their favorite team or a sticker depicting their preferred activity, like cycling, surfing, or fishing.

  • A custom sticker with your home state can be a nice way to show some hometown pride, no matter where the road takes you.

When choosing stickers and decals, consider the color and design of your RV. Make sure the stickers are UV resistant so that they won't fade with exposure to sunlight. Remember, this is your moving canvas; there's no right or wrong way to decorate. So go ahead and let your RV or motorhome speak volumes about your personality and the life you love to live.


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