How to Convert inches, millimeters, decimals, fractions and more!

How do I convert measurements? Inches to millimeters, millimeters to centimeters. And fractions to decimals.

One of the most common questions when ordering signs is how do I convert different measurements. Below are some images that should help to explain the difference. At the bottom of the page is a link to an amazing website where you can plug in your measurements and it will quickly convert it into every other measurement you need.
Above (or to the left) is a comparison of Decimals and Inches. The images are lined up with each other so you can see that 1/4" lines up with .250 in decimals. And .500 decimals lines up with 1/2".
Next, the image shows a conversion between Inches, Milimeters and Centimeters:
And for those who use the Metric measuring system:

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