How do I make a Fat Head Sign?

How to make a Fat Head sign in just a few easy steps!

Making a Fat Head (aka 'Big Head') sign can be easy with some simple tips. But first, what exactly is a Fat Head sign? A Fat Head sign is a piece of foamboard that has a person's head printed on it and then it is cut out in the shape of their head. Propped up on a stick, a Fat Head sign is great for parties and graduations.

How do I order my Fat Head sign?

The first step is to place your order correctly. Select the size of the sign you want. Next select 'Cut' and then 'Special' from the drop down menu next to it. This is important because this option is what tells our cutters that your product needs a special cut (usually the outline of a head).

Complete your order and then let's talk about your Artwork file!

How do I get my artwork ready to upload to my order?

The most important thing to remember is that your artwork file needs to tell our printers where to cut to make a shape out of your product. So, unless you have artwork that has just a head and no background color, you want to make sure you create a 'cut' line in the artwork.

How do I make a Special Cut line in Adobe Illustrator?

The easiest way to create a cut line is to use a software program like Adobe Illustrator. The Pen tool works great for tracing that cut line. Make sure to select a bright color for your cut line, something unique to the other colors in the photo, something that really stands out. Once you complete the tracing step, you need to open up the Swatches panel (Windows -> Swatches) and make a few changes (see photo example above and read steps just below here).

1) Swatch Name: Cut (name your Swatch cut).
2) Change the Color Type to Spot Color
3) Change the Color Mode to CMYK

Now click on OK, save your file and you are done! Go upload your artwork directly to our printers!

What if I don't have a software program to do this or I don't feel comfortable enough to create a 'cut' line?

If you need some help creating a cut line in your artwork just let us know, we're more than happy to help. You can email your image file to us, along with your order number and we will get started on it right away!

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