Signs that sell

Increase your income with just a Sign

What is the first thing you notice about a storefront? The building or the landscape? No, it was probably a sign! Was it a waving flag banner or window decal? Maybe it was a large sidewalk sign or a colorful aluminum sign? Something about the signage caught your eye. Maybe it was a mouthwatering menu with full color images. Or the word 'FREE!' on the store window. Whatever it was, it caught your gaze and held it for a few extra seconds. And maybe even brought you into the store.

The right message has the potential to increase your business exponentially. How are you going to get your message in front of your future customers? And what are you going to say to get them in your door?

The most important choice you have to make is not the type of sign you should choose, that part is easy. Choose any of them! The most important choice you have to make is what kind of message are you going to put on the sign.

A clean looking sign gets more attention. Not only should your sign have a full color image, it should have easy to read text.

Which sign do you think would capture someone's attention first?



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