Maximizing Impact on a Budget: A Guide to Creating Signs of All Sizes

Maximizing Impact on a Budget: A Guide to Creating Signs of All Sizes

Creating large signs, including billboards and giant building banners, does not necessarily require a hefty budget. The first step is to carefully plan your design and utilize color, imagery, and text effectively to ensure your message is strong. Choosing cost-effective materials like vinyl can give you high impact at a lower cost. For example, vinyl is not only resilient and weather-resistant, but it also displays vibrant colors well, making it perfect for large-scale banners.

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A sign is more than a mere indicator; it's a silent spokesperson for your brand, a strategic tool that tells your brand story, sparks curiosity, and ultimately drives engagement. The power of signage is seen everywhere, from quaint yard signs that promote local businesses to towering freeway billboards that command attention from miles away. We're here to guide you through the process of selecting and deploying the right signage for your needs - be it small or giant, made from vinyl, Coroplast, PVC and more.

Harness the Flexibility of Vinyl Banners

The versatility of vinyl banners makes them a marketer's dream. Not only can they be printed in any size, but their durability and weather-resistance make them perfect for outdoor use, regardless of climate. With modern printing technology, vinyl banners can be made as big as you want. They not only serve as small signs for your storefront but can transform into building-sized banners that can't be missed.

Vinyl banners are cost-effective too, making them a viable choice for businesses of all sizes. They can be displayed in various ways - hung across plywood, propped up with poles, or strung up high across a street. Their resilience ensures they maintain their vibrant colors and messaging clarity through time and weather.

Imagine the impact a huge banner would make hanging directly across from a weekend event, an outdoor trade show, a local concert or any large gathering! Vinyl banners can be re-used in different locations over and over!

Coroplast: Not just for Yard Signs

Coroplast is another excellent material for outdoor signs, particularly when you're looking for a lightweight, sturdy, and waterproof solution. Coroplast can be cut into virtually any shape or size, providing a canvas for your creativity. These signs are perfect for local elections, real estate listings, or promoting any size businesses. The material is easy to print on and can handle vibrant colors, detailed graphics, and sharp, readable text. A large Coroplast sign can be mounted on most wood posts or plywood.

The Strength of PVC in Signage

PVC, with its blend of durability, weather resistance, and visual appeal, makes for great signage material, particularly for long-term outdoor applications. PVC signs have a professional appearance, and their strong, rigid structure makes them ideal for wall-mounted signs, menu boards, directional signs, and more. They retain their color well, even under constant exposure to sunlight, ensuring your message stays bright and clear. PVC can also be printed in any size you need!

Mounting and Hanging Your Signs: From Professional to DIY

The presentation of your sign is just as important as its design. Regardless of the material used, proper mounting and hanging can make the difference between a sign that turns heads and one that goes unnoticed. Here are some options:

  1. Professional Installation: For large or complex signs, professional installers have the expertise and tools to safely and securely install your signage. This is particularly important heavy signs.
  2. Do-It-Yourself: For lighter signs (even large banners), DIY installation can be a practical and cost-effective option. Grommets can be used to secure vinyl banners, or they can be mounted on plywood for a more rigid display. Coroplast signs often come with H-stakes for small signs, making it easy to plant them firmly in the ground. For larger signs, wood posts and plywood can work well.
  3. Mounting on Buildings: If you're installing a large vinyl banner on a building, use heavy-duty anchor points to ensure it stays secure. This may require professional help, especially for high locations.
  4. Hanging Across Streets: For banners strung across streets, use high-tensile cables. Make sure to get the necessary permissions from local authorities.

Signage, with its diversity in materials and sizes, offers a compelling way to tell your brand story and engage with your audience. Whether you opt for vinyl, Coroplast, PVC, or one of our many products, no matter what the size, the key is to create a sign that encapsulates your brand message and visually connects with your audience. With the right design, material, and placement, your sign can be a powerful beacon that draws attention and drives engagement.


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