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What Products will get me more real estate business?

In today's fast paced Seller's Market, how do you stand out among the crowd and get Listings?!

What do Seller's want? They want their home sold in the fastest amount of time for the highest possible price. As an experienced Real Estate agent, you have the skills to do that! But how do you get Seller's to select you as their agent? By getting their attention!

Marketing and Advertising matters!

Let's face it, Seller's want the most amount of people to see their home. They want the best chance of getting the highest offer possible. Not everyone is going to be driving by your listing and seeing your signs. You need to stand out EVERYWHERE!

What does your brand say about you?

All Marketing starts with your Brand. Is it consistent? Noticable? Do you have a slogan? Does it stand the test of time or is it just trendy? Is the text easy to read? Or does someone have to be standing right in front of it in order to read the whole thing. Your Advertising needs to stand out but also be pleasing to the eye and easy to read. One way to reach more people with your advertising is Door Magnets on your vehicle. It's a great way to get people to notice you while you are on the go or just sititng in traffic.

What kind of signs get more business?

'For Sale' signs are great, but if you want more listings, you have to show potential Seller's that you can attract Buyers! A 24" x 36" hanging 'For Sale' sign with an eye catching sign rider stands out more than an 18" x 24" sign. Lots of Open House signs leading Buyers to your Listing from every direction. Movement attracts attention so why not a tall Flag Banner, something that really catches the eye. And don't forget about hosting garage sales and yard sales for your clients or even potential clients. Outdoor Vinyl Banners stand the test of time. They are weatherproof and can be used over and over.

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