How to Select and Edit our Free Sign Templates

How to Select and Edit our Free Sign Templates!

Print Signs Quick offers free sign templates to help you get started on creating the perfect sign. We provide hundreds of customizable templates that can be edited in size, shape, color, images, and font choices. Our templates also include custom options such as round corners, drilled holes, and even grommet placement. Whether you need signs for business, events, or personal use, our easy-to-use templates make the process simple and efficient.

There are two ways to select your template and get started with Print Signs Quick.

The most common way is to select your product first. Once on the product page, scroll down to the bottom to access the free templates. Click on the template you want to start with, and you will automatically be redirected to our Design Tool page to begin editing. This seamless process makes it easy to customize your perfect sign in no time.

free campground sign templates

The second way to select your template is just as easy. Scroll down to the bottom of any page on and click on "Templates" in the lower left corner of the footer menu. From there, you can browse through all available templates or narrow down your search by selecting a specific category. Once you find the perfect template, click on it, and you will be automatically redirected to our Design Tool page to start customizing your sign. This method provides a straightforward way to explore all template options and find exactly what you need.rv campground sign templates

How to navigate our Design Tool, edit your Template and even change Templates from within the Design Tool!

Let's start with the 9 icons you need to know!free rv sign templates

1) The first icon on the top left of the page is the Size/Option selection. You can change your product type, the size, the Special Options and the quantity from the Size/Options icon.

** When you see the lock icon closed, you can adjust the size but you cannot change the ratio unless you unlock the lock **

templates for signs

2) The second icon is for Templates that are related to the Product you choose. You can scroll through them and click on a template and then add to it and make it your own. You can also change to another type of product as well.

Signs Template choices

3) The Third icon is for FREE Stock Images. You can select any one of them by clicking on the image. You can then resize the image by dragging the tiny white squares around the edges of the image. The corner white icons will keep the ratio of your image in proportion. The other white icons will make it narrow or wider, or shorter or taller.

free stock images

4) The fourth icon is Shapes. You can click on any shape to add it to your design and change it's size and color. To change the color of any shape, first make sure the shape is selected (it will have the white squares around the image), then click on the square color icon at the top next to the Size/Options icon. Then select a color.

free stock images

free sign templates

5) The fifth icon is the Upload icon. You can upload your own image or file from this icon. Just click on 'Upload your files' and select your image file from your computer or phone. You can add as many images to your sign as you need. And you can resize them as well.

custom printed signs

6) The sixth icon is the Add Text icon. This icon is used the most and has lots of options. Once you click on the icon, you can select the font, change the color as well as the size.

To change the text itself, type it into the box in the upper right where it says 'Enter Text Here'.
To change the font, just click on the drop down arrow next to the font and select another font.
To change the color just click on the square box with the color in it and select another color.
To change the size of the text, just drag the text from one of the small white squares around it.

When Text is selected (confirm by making sure the tiny 8 square white boxes are around the border of your text) the upper bar in the design tool that appears is extremely helpful. The items on the right side will appear when any text or image is selected. You can do the following things with text or images that are selected:

Align your text or image, crop images, there are 'fit' and 'fill' options, you can adjust the Opacity, you can duplicate the image or text, and you can delete the selected items.

One of the most important tools to know is the 'Position' icon (see third photo below, it looks like a down arrow). Once you click on the down arrow icon a pop out box reveals small squares that look like they are layered. If you have a background layer on top of your text and want to move it below the text, you would select the background layer and click on the left icon (black below the white square icon), keep clicking until the background is moved back enough layers so that it is now behind the text. This is how you move image layers 'forward' or 'backwards'. There are 'move back', 'send to back', 'move forward' and 'send to front'.

free designs

free images

free design tool for signs

7) The seventh icon is the Background icon. This icon can remove any transparency layer and let you choose a background color.

free stock images

free sign templates

8) The eighth icon is to help you generate a QR code. Just put in the website address that you want people to go to and click on Generate.

free qr codes

9) The nineth icon is the Layers icon. This is a quick way to select a layer (image, text, shape, etc) so that you can quickly move it around or resize it.

free campground sign templates

Now that you've completed our step-by-step tutorial on how to select a template and edit it to make it your own, it's time to get started on your sign! Once you have customized your sign using our Design Tool, simply add it to your cart and complete your purchase. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us by phone at 951-595-7653, by email at, or by clicking the 'chat' option near the bottom right-hand side of your screen. We're here to help you create the perfect sign with ease!


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