Revamp Your RV: The Ultimate Material Selection Guide for Graphics and Decals

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect RV Decals: Air Release Vinyl, Standard, and Clear Decals

Revamping your RV with new decals is not just about adding a personal touch; it's about making a statement wherever your travels take you. Whether you're replacing old, faded graphics or customizing a new RV, the choice of material can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the three popular types of decal materials: Air Release Vinyl Decals, Standard Decals, and Clear (Transparent) Decals, highlighting how each can enhance your RV's appearance. Plus, we'll guide you through selecting the perfect template from Print Signs Quick and how to request custom vector graphics for your unique needs.

1. Air Release Vinyl Decals: The Premier Choice for RVs

Our #1 recommended Air Release Vinyl Decals are at the forefront of RV decal technology, primarily due to their ease of application and longevity. This material features a special adhesive that allows air to escape during application, eliminating the risk of unsightly bubbles and wrinkles. It's the #1 recommended material for large decals, ensuring a smooth, professional finish even on expansive surfaces of your RV.


  • Bubble-Free Application: The air release channels ensure a smooth, flawless finish.
  • Durability: Highly resistant to weathering, fading, and UV damage.
  • Large Graphics: Ideal for expansive artwork, covering entire sections of your RV with ease.

2. Standard Decals: Classic Choice with Vibrant Appeal

Standard decals are printed on a white background, offering vibrant color reproduction and versatility for various designs. These decals are perfect for adding colorful graphics, logos, or text to your RV. The white background enhances the brightness and saturation of colors, making your design pop against any RV exterior.


  • Color Pop: Excellent for designs that demand vibrant, eye-catching colors.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of designs, from simple text to complex images.
  • Cost-Effective: An affordable option for customizing your RV without sacrificing quality.

3. Clear (Transparent) Decals: Seamless Integration with Your RV

Clear Decals are the go-to option for a subtle, integrated look. Printed on a transparent background, these decals blend seamlessly with your RV's surface, allowing the original color to show through. This material is perfect for designs that require a "painted on" appearance or for adding logos and text without a visible background.


  • Seamless Look: Offers a sleek, integrated appearance with the RV's original paint.
  • Versatility: Ideal for logos, text, and designs where you want the RV's color to be part of the design.
  • UV Resistant: Protects against fading, ensuring your design remains vibrant over time.

How to Order Your Custom RV Decals from Print Signs Quick

If you already have a design ready to upload just follow these easy steps:

1. Complete your purchase
2. Upload your high resolution artwork file, sized to the exact size of your product (decal).
3) View your proof and Approve it.

Using our Design Tool:

You can utilize our FREE online Design Tool to create an RV decal. You can either start with your own design, or use one of our many FREE stock images. You can add text, change fonts and colors and resize images. If you need help feel free to reach out and contact us!

Using our Templates:

For smaller decals, start by selecting a template from Print Signs Quick. Our range of templates offers various designs and sizes to fit standard needs, making the selection process straightforward and efficient.

Requesting Custom Artwork: For high-resolution graphics or larger sizes tailored to your RV, it's important to get a custom vector graphic. Here's how:

  1. Measure Your RV: Determine the size and shape of the area where you'll apply the decal.
  2. Email Include your measurements and describe your design idea. Whether it's a simple logo or an elaborate graphic, our team can create a vector graphic that fits your specific dimensions.
  3. Review and Approve: We'll send you a draft of your custom graphic. Review it to ensure it meets your expectations, or request adjustments as needed.

Why Custom Artwork? Templates are great for standard sizes and designs. However, for large RV decals that demand high resolution and precision, custom artwork ensures your graphics look stunning, regardless of scale. At Print Signs Quick, we're dedicated to providing you with decals that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Whether you opt for the professional finish of Air Release Vinyl, the vibrant colors of Standard Decals, or the seamless look of Clear Decals, enhancing your RV with custom decals is a powerful way to express your personality and style on the open road. With Print Signs Quick, you have a partner ready to bring your vision to life, offering custom solutions for every size, design, and material preference. Begin your journey to a more personalized RV today and let your adventures be as unique as your custom decals.

The Art of Applying Large Standard and Clear Decals: Patience and Planning Required

When it comes to personalizing your RV with large standard or clear decals, the process can be both exciting and challenging. Unlike smaller stickers that can be applied with a simple peel-and-stick, large decals demand a bit more from you: patience, experience, and ideally, an extra set of hands. The main reason for this is the type of adhesive used in standard and clear decals. Designed to last, this extra sticky adhesive is less forgiving, making the application process a critical step to ensuring a smooth, bubble-free finish.

The Challenge with Large Standard and Clear Decals

Large decals can dramatically transform the appearance of your RV, but their size and the strength of their adhesive add complexity to the application process. A common pitfall is trapping air bubbles under the decal or accidentally allowing the decal to fold over on itself. Once the sticky side of a decal makes contact with another part of itself or the surface, it can be incredibly difficult to correct without damaging the decal. This is why applying large decals is not just about sticking them on; it's about art, precision, and strategy.

Steps to Safely Applying a Large Decal on Your RV

To help ensure a successful application of your large standard or clear decal, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation is Key:

    • Clean the surface area where the decal will be applied. It should be free of dirt, grease, and any other residues.
    • Measure and mark the area lightly with a pencil or non-permanent marker to guide your placement.
    • Gather all necessary tools: a squeegee (or credit card), masking tape, and a utility knife.
  2. Enlist Help:

    • Having an extra set of hands is invaluable, especially for large decals. This ensures better control and positioning of the decal before it touches the surface.
  3. Dry Fit and Tape:

    • Before peeling the backing off, position the decal against the RV using your marks as a guide. Use masking tape to create a hinge on the top edge of the decal. This method allows you to lift the decal, peel off the backing, and apply it gradually.
  4. Apply With Care:

    • Slowly peel back the liner while using a squeegee to press the decal onto the surface from the center outwards. This method helps to minimize air bubbles.
    • Take your time and work in small sections, especially with clear decals, as they require a bit more finesse to avoid fingerprints and dust particles.
  5. Finishing Touches:

    • Once fully applied, go over the decal with the squeegee again, applying firm pressure to ensure good adhesion and to remove any remaining air bubbles.
    • Use the utility knife to trim any excess material, especially around corners or fixtures on the RV.
  6. Post-Application:

    • Allow the decal to set and adhere properly by avoiding washing or waxing the area for a set period, typically a few days.

Applying large standard or clear decals on your RV can be a rewarding project that adds a personal touch to your vehicle. However, the key to a successful application lies in patience, planning, and precision. By understanding the challenges and following the recommended steps, you can ensure a smooth and bubble-free finish that will last for years. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or a first-timer, remember that taking your time and asking for help can make all the difference in achieving professional-looking results.


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