The Importance of Great Signage

The Importance of Great Signage

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Signage is an important part of any marketing and advertising campaign. It can be used to attract attention, communicate information, and build brand awareness. A well-designed sign can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your business and increasing sales.

Here are some tips for creating great signage:

  1. Use fresh ideas. Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your signage. Use creative and eye-catching designs that will grab people's attention.
  2. Use easy-to-read text. Your signage should be easy to read from a distance. Use large fonts and simple language.
  3. Use eye-catching images. Images can be a great way to communicate your message and make your signage more memorable. Choose images that are relevant to your business and that will appeal to your target audience.
  4. Use high-quality materials. Your signage should be made of durable materials that will withstand the elements. This will ensure that your sign looks good for years to come.
  5. Place your signage strategically. Your signage should be placed in a location where it will be seen by a lot of people. Consider placing your sign near high-traffic areas, such as busy intersections or near public transportation.

Pitfalls of Using Aged Signs

Aged signs that look old and worn can give a negative impression of your business. They can make your business look unprofessional and outdated. In some cases, they can even be a safety hazard.

If you have old signs, it's important to update them or replace them altogether. This will help you to improve your business's image and attract more customers.

Examples of Great Signs

Here are some examples of great signs:

  • The "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles is a classic example of great signage. It's simple, yet effective. The large letters are easy to read from a distance, and the sign is instantly recognizable.
  • The "I <3 NY" sign in New York City is another great example of signage. It's a simple, yet effective design that has become a symbol of the city.
  • The "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign is a great example of a sign that uses eye-catching images to communicate its message. The bright lights and colorful images make the sign hard to miss.

Funny Stories About Great Signs

Here are some funny stories about great signs:

  • A sign in a pet store said, "We sell puppies, kittens, and other assorted trouble."
  • A sign in a bar said, "Free beer tomorrow."
  • A sign in a laundromat said, "We wash clothes. We don't fold them."

Stories About Bad Signs That Resulted in Lost Business

Here are some stories about bad signs that resulted in lost business:

  • A restaurant had a sign that said, "Open 7 days a week." However, the sign was so faded that it was impossible to read. As a result, many people thought the restaurant was closed and never went inside.
  • A store had a sign that said, "Everything must go!" However, the sign was so small that no one could see it. As a result, many people didn't realize that the store was having a sale and missed out on some great deals.
  • A business had a sign that said, "We're the best!" However, the sign was so arrogant that it turned people off. As a result, many people decided to do business with a competitor instead.

Great signage can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your business and increasing sales. By following the tips in this article, you can create great signage that will help you to achieve your marketing and advertising goals.


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