Vinyl Banners for advertising

Why are Custom Vinyl Banners the perfect choice for advertising?

Our custom vinyl banners are durable at 13 ounces. They are waterproof and weatherproof and can withstand the elements outside. The ink we use is UV protected. 

Are Vinyl Banners an economical choice?

When it comes to price-per-square-foot, our Custom Vinyl Banners are one of the BEST economical choices for marketing and advertising! Other companies may use thinner banner material and charge extra for necessities like hems and grommets. At we include FULL COLOR printing, hems and grommets for FREE!

What can I use a Vinyl Banner for?

Custom Vinyl Banners make excellent Birthday Banners, Yard Sale Banners, Holiday Banners, Open House Banners, Sale Banners, Congratulations Banners, Graduation Banners, Garage Sale Banners and so much more!

How do I hang a Vinyl Banner?

If you order your Custom Vinyl Banner with hems and grommets you can hang the vinyl banners almost anywhere. If  your order your vinyl banner with a Pole Pocket (we loosely fold the top of the vinyl back over and seal it, leaving a looped area), you can slide your vinyl banner onto a pole or backdrop stand. 




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