Green screen

What is a 'green screen' and how do I use it? Green screens are commonly used during weather reporting on the news. Weather people stand in front of a green screen (any material that is green) and point to weather graphics that aren't there. As a viewer we can see the graphics on TV because the computer places any image or graphic anywhere there is green. That's also why people can't wear green when they are using a green screen or the digital media will show up on their clothes. So, what can YOU use a green screen for? For themed party's! You can change the background (green screen) to anything you want when taking photos or videos in front of it. They are also used for business meetings or zoom calls. During one call you may want a New York skyline behind you. During another call you may want to be standing on a ranch or maybe a beach. Green screens are the most economical choice for changing up your background often, especially if you have a large background or group of people. Where can I buy a green screen? Right here!

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