What is DPI

What is DPI, where do I find it and how do I change it?

What is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and it represents the resolution in an image. More specifically DPI represents the numbers of 'Dots' within a square inch of an image.

What is the difference between DPI and PPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch. They are often used interchangably. Dots Per Inch is a term usually used with Printed media. And Pixels Per Inch is usually a term used with Digital media (like computers).

Where do I find DPI?

Photoshop is a great software program to quickly look up the DPI on any image. 1) Open your image up within Photoshop 2) Click on Image and then Image Size 3) A small box will pop up on the screen and show you what the Resolution is.

How can I change the DPI?

In the box that popped up within Photoshop, you can change the DPI next to the text that says 'Resolution'.

Now for a little more detailed explanation. But first lets start with a comparison of two photos that have a different resolution.


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