What signs are currently trending in this crazy 2023 market? What are people buying and selling?

People often want to know what's trending, what are our top selling products right now. And our answer this week is Real Estate signs! So, why is that?

Could it be that the interest rate just went up? Or is the hot real estate marketing finally cooling? One thing is for sure, markets are cyclical and the direction is constantly changing. Professional Real Estate agents know this and know what to do in any market, they keep advertising! In a hot market properties can sell before you have a chance to put your sign in the ground. But seasoned agents know to put that sign in anyway! They want people to know who just sold that house in such a short amount of time. Chances are someone is going to select an agent because they have seen their signs everywhere.

If you don't currently have inventory, go out and sponsor a neighborhood yard sale or host a community event. Hold a fellow agents Open House and get your signs seen. You don't have to have a house to sell in order to help someone out :-)

Check out Print Signs Quick for all of your real estate marketing and advertising needs! With over 18 years of personal real estate experience, we can help!

Frequently asked Questions

What is the best real estate sign to get?

Most real estate signs are made of corrugated plastic, a heavy duty, long lasting material that is also economical and lightweight. Our Corplast signs come in 3 different thickness choices: 4mm, 6mm and heavy duty 10mm. The thickness you choose often has more to do with the sign of the sign you want. Looking for a window sign? Go with our thin 4mm corplast choice! Our most popular product is the next size up, our 6mm yard signs! This size is great for almost everything! Do you need a 18" x 24" sign with an H-frame stake? Our 6mm is the best choice! What about a hanging 24" x 18" sign for your post? That's our 6mm choice! But what about a large 24" x 36" sign? Or even larger! You want our 10mm heavy duty corplast sign! Still lightweight, but also won't bend!

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