Custom Teardrop Feather and Rectangle Flags

Design, Display, Dominate: The Banner Styles Transforming Advertising

Flag banners have become an indispensable tool for marketing and advertising, ensuring brands achieve maximum visibility with minimal investment. When comparing the three popular styles - the teardrop, feather, and rectangle flags - each offers its unique advantage.

The teardrop, with its distinct droplet shape, ensures the banner remains taut, displaying messages clearly even in low-wind conditions. The feather flag, slender and slightly curved, dances with the wind, catching the eye with its graceful movements, while the rectangle flag, traditional and straightforward, provides ample space for designs and textual content, making it versatile for varied promotional content.

Together, these flag banners underscore the fusion of design, functionality, and marketing prowess, ensuring businesses stand out in crowded marketplaces.
teardrop flags
Teardrop Flags


7 feet
9 feet
11 feet 2 inches

Teardrop Flag: As the name suggests, the teardrop flag has a distinct droplet shape. It tapers from a wide top to a pointed bottom. This unique design ensures that the flag remains taut, displaying the print clearly even on days with little to no wind.

Its tensioned design ensures consistent visibility. The flag's movement is minimal due to its shape, which means the message stays clear and legible even in breezy conditions.

Often used at beach events, sports competitions, and outdoor festivals. Its design ensures clarity of message irrespective of wind conditions.

Typically uses a flexible pole that maintains the flag’s unique shape. The bottom might have a spike for outdoor use or a stand for indoor settings.

Given its shape, designs need to be centered, and text often requires a curve layout at the top.

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7 feet Single Sided
7 feet Double Sided

9 feet Single Sided
9 feet Double Sided

11 feet 2 inches Single Sided
11 feet 2 inches Double Sided

feather flags
Feather Flags


9 feet

10 feet 5 inches
14 feet

Feather Flag:
The feather flag is characterized by its long, slender, and slightly curved design, mimicking the shape of a quill or feather. It’s taller than it is wide, and the curve is more pronounced at the top.

It flutters in the wind, drawing attention with its dynamic movement. However, it requires a slight breeze to fully extend and display the message or design.

Popularly used outside storefronts, car dealerships, and at entrances to events. Its height and fluttering movement make it great for catching attention from a distance.

Uses a combination of straight and flexible poles. It's easy to assemble, and like the teardrop, can come with various base options.

Offers a vertical layout, ideal for brand names or vertical graphics.

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9 feet Single Sided
9 feet Double Sided

10 feet 5 inches Single Sided
10 feet 5 inches Double Sided

14 feet Single Sided
14 feet Double Sided

rectangle flags
Rectangle Flags


8 feet 5 inches
11 feet 8 inches
15 feet

Rectangle Flag:
The rectangle flag is the most traditional in shape, having straight edges and right-angle corners. Its simple design provides a larger surface area for designs and text.

With a more expansive surface area, it offers maximum visibility.

A versatile choice suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, trade shows, conferences, and promotional campaigns. Its straightforward design offers ample space for branding.

Generally uses straight poles. The rectangle design is simple and can be easily mounted on various bases.

Provides the most flexibility with design due to its classic shape. It's perfect for large graphics and extensive text.

Download your Template for your design:

8 feet 5 inches Single Sided
8 feet 5 inches Double Sided

11 feet 8 inches Single Sided
11 feet 8 inches Double Sided

15 feet Single Sided
15 feet Double Sided
flag banner stands
Your flag banner already includes the pole set and the ground stake. You can choose any of the other stands if you would like to include them.

How to use the Template to add or create your design:

1) When you open up your template, the first thing you want to do is click on the white 'frame' and move it to the side (for later).
2) Once you move the 'frame', the blue background and any text (and instructions) off your white background, you can now start designing your banner by adding a background, images and text.
3) Once you have a background in place, slide that 'frame' back over your image so you can see where you can now place your text.
4) Your final result should look something like the image above. The part that will be printed will be inside of the white 'frame'. Make sure you save your file as a PDF so you can upload it to your order. If you have an issues uploading it, please email it directly to