How to Create, Edit and Upload Your Artwork

How to Create, Edit and Upload Your Artwork File, Step by Step

A step by step guide to creating, editing and uploading your image or artwork file to! Starting from scratch? We'll walk you through our free online Design Tool! Need to adjust size or resolution on an image? Or create a cut line for a custom shape? We're explain the how and why! Do you have artwork ready to go? We'll give you a few options to get your artwork right to our printers as quick as possible!
Starting from Scratch, Using our Free Online Design Tool:
giant blank check template
Our Free Online Design Tool is the perfect place to start creating your design. You can add or change the background, or just keep it transparent. You can search our Free Stock Images for the perfect look. You can add text, change fonts and colors. And you can add your own images as well. It's totally customizable.

Above is a giant check template you can find at the bottom of our Foam Board and Gatorboard product pages (along with many other templates). You can delete the current text (by selecting them) and replace with any text, including different fonts and colors. You can add your own logo or choose from hundreds of free stock images right within the Design Tool.

If you want to see a more detailed explanation along with examples of our Design Tool in use, please visit this page here!

There are two ways to get to the Design Tutorial.

1) Click on the Design Tool in the top toolbar (if you are on your phone you would click on the 3 lines in the upper left of

2) Select your product first, adust the size, orientation and and finishing options (hems, grommets, special cuts, etc) and then click on Create Design.

You can also just click on this LINK to be redirected to the Design Tool where you can select your product and get started designing!
Is your artwork 'Print Ready'? Here's what you do next!
If your artwork is all ready to go (high resolution and sized to match your product), all you have to do is complete your purchase and then upload your artwork. It's that easy! Once uploaded, don't forget to View Your Proof (and make sure everything looks exactly how you created it before uploading) and Approve Your Proof.

Above you can see a screenshot of the artwork that was just uploaded. This should look EXACTLY like the file you uploaded, we make NO changes to your artwork. The red arrow in the upper right is pointing to the size of the product that you ordered and you want to make sure that it matches EXACTLY to the size of your artwork file. In this case it does NOT match, so your product may not come out looking like you want. In this case you would like on 'Replace Artwork' (the red arrow in the upper left is pointing to the link). This will allow you to delete the uploaded artwork and upload new artwork once you make sure it is sized EXACTLY to the size of the product you want to print it on.

Once you verify that the size of the artwork matches the size of the product EXACTLY and the resolution is 200dpi or higher, Approve your Proof.

Your order will then be placed automatically into the que once your Artwork is Approved by you.

Why does resolution matter?
Below is are two images, the one on the left has a high resolution of 300dpi (Dots Per Inch). Look how crisp and clear the eye appears in the left photo. That's what you want to strive for in your artwork. In the image on the right the resolution is MUCH lower, only 25dpi and you can see how it affects the quality of the photo. This is one of THE most important things to remember when preparing your artwork for print. Check and double-check the resolution! Just because it looks great on your computer screen doesn't mean it's going to look great on a large product.

Another thing to remember is that most Smart Phones save photos at 72dpi. If you are printing something like an 8" x 10" it may not be a problem. BUT, if you want to print it on a product is much larger, that smart phone photo may not have the quality you want it to.

Want to learn more about changing the dpi in Photoshop? Click Here!
Want to learn more about the importance of high resolution? Click Here!
If you don't have Photoshop or Illustrator, check out this free photo editing Program!

What if you need a cut line for a special shape?
Sometimes your artwork file might need a cut line. If you want an over, circle or even a halo shape for your product, you don't necessarily need a cut line. BUT, if you need a Special or Exact Cut, you will need a cut line in your artwork file. Follow this link to see step by step instructions for creating a cut line in Adobe Illustrator. If you don't have Adobe Illustrator, there is a free program called Inkscape that you can use.

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