Trade Show Signs

There are a variety of sign products that can be effective for trade shows and events. Some of the best ones include:

  1. Banner Stands: Banner stands are portable and easy to set up, making them a great choice for trade shows and events. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used to showcase your brand or message.

  2. Backdrops: Backdrops are large displays that can be used to create a visual focal point at your booth. They can be custom printed with your brand or message and are available in a variety of sizes.

  3. Pop-up Displays: Pop-up displays are easy to set up and transport, making them a popular choice for trade shows and events. They can be used to showcase your products or services and come in a variety of sizes and styles.

  4. Table Throws: Table throws are custom-printed covers that can be used to cover tables at events. They are a great way to showcase your brand and can be customized with your logo or message.

  5. Floor Graphics: Floor graphics can be used to create eye-catching visuals at events. They are printed on durable vinyl and can be customized with your brand or message.

  6. Hanging Banners: Hanging banners are large displays that are suspended from the ceiling. They can be used to create a visual focal point and can be customized with your brand or message.

  7. Posters: Posters are a cost-effective way to showcase your brand or message. They can be printed in a variety of sizes and can be used to promote products or services.

Ultimately, the best sign products for trade shows and events will depend on your specific needs and goals. Consider the size of your booth, the message you want to convey, and your budget when choosing the right sign products for your event.

sandwich board signs

Fun things to do at a wedding:

  1. Photo booth: Set up a fun photo booth with props and costumes for guests to take memorable photos.
  2. Lawn games: Have some lawn games like cornhole, giant Jenga, or horseshoes for guests to play during cocktail hour or reception.
  3. Dance-off: Organize a dance-off competition between the bride's and groom's families or guests.
  4. DIY wedding favors: Set up a DIY wedding favor station where guests can create their own favors, such as scented candles, bath bombs, or personalized mugs.
  5. Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine and let guests sing their favorite tunes.
  6. Live painting: Hire a painter to create a live painting of the wedding reception, capturing the moment in a unique way.
  7. Food trucks: Hire a few food trucks to serve late-night snacks like tacos, pizza, or ice cream.
  8. Fireworks: End the night with a bang by setting off fireworks.

Common sign products to customize at a wedding:

  1. Welcome sign: Greet guests with a personalized welcome sign, featuring the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.
  2. Seating chart: Create a seating chart to direct guests to their tables, featuring custom designs and colors.
  3. Table numbers: Add a personal touch to each table with customized table numbers that match the wedding theme.
  4. Menu boards: Display the menu with a personalized menu board that matches the wedding decor.
  5. Directional signs: Create directional signs to guide guests to the ceremony, reception, restrooms, and other important locations.
  6. Photo booth signs: Add some fun to the photo booth with custom signs featuring wedding hashtags, props, or funny sayings. Don't forget the custom step & repeat vinyl backdrops!
  7. Thank you signs: Thank guests for attending with customized thank you signs that can be displayed at the end of the night.
1) Vinyl Banners are always a hit at trade shows and they still are popular item in 2023. Vinyl banners can be printed in any size. Vinyl Banners make great backdrops for your trade show booth. Print a step and repeat, a relaxing scene or anything you want.

3) A display of rigid trade show boards witih full color printing placed all around your booth. Gatorboard and Foam board are two materials that are both lightweight and can be mountain almost anywhere with some simple double-sided tape. Gatorboard is a matte black and foam board is a gloss white.
4) Stickers and decals with your label on them are something that your potential customers would be happy to take home! Order stickers or decals to be placed on any product. Do you have samples? Get your decals on them. What about free water bottles? Get your name on those bottles!
5) Create a fun game to play! Spin the wheel is a great game! Maybe it's for a discount on a future order, or a free product! People love playing games where there is a good chance they will walk away with a prize. You can actually make your own game by ordering corplast or gatorboard with a circle cut, then upload your design for your game. Don't forget to cut a hole in the middle to mount onto a dowel or large screw so that you can spin that wheel!
6) Provide a photo booth experience! It doesn't matter what you're promoting, if you have something fun for people to do they will remember you! All you need for a photobooth is a backdrop stand (or wall) and a backdrop! You can make it a silly backdrop, trending backdrop, funny backdrop, just something that people want to stand in front of and take selfies of themselves.
7) Hand out custom printed magnets with your name or logo on them. Round magnets look great! People can place them on metal surfaces in their vehicle, their office or at home. Custom magnets have a nicer feel to them and are less likely to end up in the trash.
8) Floor graphics are sure to get attention! Create floor graphics as small as footprints and as large as you want! Can't their eye when they have their head down looking at their phone!
9) Offer free wifi! If you're tech savy and can bring a device for people to connect to the internet with, then you may just be the popular kid on the block!
10) A lightbox with full color backlit film is sure to stand out! Light boxes are easy to make and set up. Backlit film will light up your message and stand out among the competition!

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